Wednesday, August 3, 2011

WTF... Safe and secure in your own home!

Everyone who knows me knows how much I dislike unpleasant language... 
-----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------//////--------------- Sorry I don't know what happened there, maybe the computer knows when the person using it is lying?! But I could have used a few on some kids today...

This afternoon I am sorting through my sewing bits and bobs when I look up and there are three boys walking through our back yard. I called out; as I knew one of the lads as he had come over looking for Josh one Sunday.  When we told him Josh was at a mates place this kid sat and played in the lounge with George for a couple of hours.  They said they were just cutting through so I let it be.  

After about five minutes I had a funny feeling, so I went down to Josh's room and when I opened the door this boy was standing on Joshua's bed and another was jumping out the window!  Needless to say I was fuming, I let rip and probably sounded like an old fish wife.  Tearing strips off these two boys, I snatched what ever was in the boys hand as they stood there still fill with bravado.  I never did use any 'unpleasant language' but I am sure fear eventually struck them as there was a couple of misted eyes.  

The audacity of one boy, the one who had jumped out the window already said "But he said he can come in your house". 
To this I mentioned the fact that, "I have a front door so if he was to come in to my house then he should use it!"  
Clearly the boy was not ready to let the fact go that it was okay to be in sons room as he went on to say more, "oh but..."
Well I was well and truly wound up then and said "That if there was anything missing I would pay a visit to their homes and make a call to the police!" 
A meek "Sorry" fell from the boys mouth.  

The boy still stuck in the room with me high tailed it out the back door very quickly as soon as mad it clear he was no longer welcome.  I believe the third lad that was standing at the gate was thinking, "Whew, so glad that wasn't me!"

When you think that your home is safe and secure you realise that even here there is a need to take precautions. Also it is a shame that the state of Joshua's room makes it hard for me to know whether there is anything missing!

The state of his wardrobe!
There is a sign on our gate now...


Much love x

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