Sunday, August 28, 2011

A quicky...

This week saw me fly Milly back home to New Zealand for a visit to Greenlane Hospital to have her eyes checked...
A lead up to the week that was going to be!

Chilling out waiting to go through customs

See mum I am cute!

Paid for one seat, no one sat next to us... Milly got two chairs, I got one! haha


Auckland arrival!


Presents from Uncie Shane and Aunty Marilyn...

The little ladies

Uncie Ronald...

Having her glasses straightened and sized

A quick spin around the retirement village

Ready for more shopping!


A mall never knew what hit it!

Island Bay

Waiting at Greenlane Hospital

NPS Daffodil Day Show

A speed you just don't see in Raro!

Change is happening

A bag I made while I was away...

...and another ...

Milly and George the Worm

Video watching... sssh don't tell daddy

Aunty Nene...Aunty Nene... Aunty Nene... She will say my name  hahaha

Fam~damly 93rd Birthday for Rara tom tom

Ooops who left the trained chef incharge of the microwaved custard?

Music instruction...

No trip to Auckland is complete until the Stone Oven has been visited... Two and a half beautiful ladies!

Oh dear... the return is not so light!




'I married your son and he thinks it's 20 minutes and 60/60...WTF'  (hehe)

The calm before the storm...

Josh got his wish... Burger King!

What my wonderful husband made for his girls...

...and a treat for his wife!
Thanks mum and dad we had fun! We love and miss you and George was very disapointed that you were not here when I got back. He was asking for Nan rather then mum...

Much love all xox 

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