Wednesday, September 28, 2011

From the mouths of babes...

Dying my hair tonight and I came out to the kitchen to get the glad wrap. Milly looked up at me and said, "Mum, you're beautiful!"

I beg to differ, you judge...

Captain Cone Head!
Haha, maybe when it's all finished and my heat smudged make-up is removed?!

Much love all xox

Wednesday, September 21, 2011

To cut or not to Cut?

Well it would be a very dull week if there was not an explosive disagreement between Josh and myself...

This weeks topic is of all things, circumcision.  Yes that tiny little cut that many blokes have as babies or due to religious beliefs at thirteen.  From my very little understanding the latter seems to be common here in the Islands.  A teacher informed me that they have had a few boys off due to the 'operation'.  

When Josh was first born I asked the men of the family what there views were on the subject.  After some thought I opted against it.  I view the whole topic as 'each to their own' and wish that it could be that simple.  However this is not the case with Josh coming home and asking to have the procedure done...  My first reaction was "What the F***!"  Not verbalised to Josh of course.  But out of the blue I am slammed with this request!  The short answer I gave him was no then I went off to do some research to refresh myself with why I stand by my decision.

After a couple of days Josh came back to me again and once more asked to be circumcised.  This time he had done his own research and out trickled little 'nuggets' of gold...
"Circumcision makes your dick bigger!"
"You can get a man sized one sooner"
"Everyone has it done..."
"It won't hurt..."
If that is the reason boys at school believe they are having it done I think they are sadly being feed some ill truths.  Needless to say, even though I believe in the saying 'When in Rome...' I draw the line on what I think would be a cruel and unnecessary operation to put a boy through.  But I have had a bloody good laugh at the first comment and wonder if Dirk Diggler was circumcised...
"Circumcision makes your dick bigger!"
Much love all xo

Please note the views shared in this blogg are not  to offend and no judgement is made on the views of others xx 

Sunday, September 18, 2011

Pissing in the wind...

So I have a 'new' venture planned.  Like my husband I to have dreams, sadly many of mine do not seem to come to fruition; I remember at twelve years old having a desire to be a goldfish!  Crikey don't know what I was thinking then... I also wanted to be a fire-fighter which is a little more attainable, only to be put off because of my school cert science mark.  Although in having the chance to dress up and fight a pretend fire in the Navy I am not sure I would have had the size to fully fulfill this dream.

I have relaid to husband that currently I do believe there are no 'fart farmers'.  Fart farmers I hear you say, what the dickens is she on?  Well it makes perfect sense to me, what do you by that guy or gal that has everything?  A jarred up fart is what you gift them!  All care and consideration can go into this gift as it would be labeled as to what the previous meal was before cultivated and plopped into the jar.  For example:  Fresh pasta in a red wine tomato sauce or maybe you fancy a Beef Bourguignon?  The choices would be endless. 
Jars o plenty...
Before you think that I have gone completely tropo, on average humans waste half a litre of fart gas (largely nitrogen and carbon dioxide) per day.  There is money to be made folks!  Just imagine those friends and families faces when they open a beautifully wrapped "Jar o' Farts"...

I have my jar.  Have you got yours?

I have no real idea how or why this idea came to me but on reflection I do remember at nine years old sneaking down to my girlfriends older brothers room.  A very daring place to be!  She took me to his closet where he kept a prize possession... His 'fart jar'!  

So just something to think about... And after a small amount of research a fart in a jar sold for $71, so I may just be on to something here!?

Much love all xox 

Sunday, September 11, 2011


Wow two years have flown by...
Birthday Girl! 
Look at his curls!

Chips and miniaid (lemonade only little) for starters...

Out for a swing

'Here I come'...

"Lift me up!" 
Pancakes for Dinner!

Cupcakes for dessert!

Happy Birthday Princess! xox

Singing Happy Birthday to the birthday girl in her birthday suit! 
Happy Birthday Milly loads of love from Mum, Dad, Josh and George! xox
Josh is in no photos as he has not been home all weekend!

Much love all xo

Saturday, September 10, 2011


Snippets of a day and a life of George...

We were driving home this arvo and George had turned so his back was to me. I said to him ...
"You aren't picking your nose are you?"
"No!" He stops and looks up at me with an angelic look upon his face.
"Yuk, you didn't eat it did you!" I exclaimed.
"YES, it's food!" he replied.
I then had to ask him if I cook up snot for his dinner and the little bugger said YES!

Coming home with the shopping and a six pack of Heiniken, George discovered that the box makes a great mask!
Beer Boxed Eyes!

Bathing the kids I noticed poor Milly had yet anther set of teeth marks on her elbow.  I asked her if it was George, she said yes it was.  I then asked George if he had biten his sister.  He took her arm that I was showing him and he vervy thoughtfully "hhhmmmed" at it and said "yes, 'cause I have a thousands of teeth!"

George. 'Mum you have boobies'....
Me.       "Why yes I do!"
George. 'I have mimimbles'
Hhhhmmm need to work on that word nipples!

George found ten cents on my bedroom floor. "Four hundred and fours money" He said excitedly.  "I put it in my scooter!" (moneybox) It was money that had fallen out of my own money box that he had been sneeking into the previous week!

Not from my own house but it sounds like something that could be....
We have 3 toilets  in this house with hand basins plus a laundry  all equipped with hand soap and towels
So why does he persist in washing his hands in the kitchen sink and drying them on the tea towel!  EEEEERRRRRGGGGGHHHH
This time I didn't do the "look," accompanied with ranting, raving and pissed off wifely sighing.
I waited he went back to his  shed and filled the handbasin in his bathroom with the dirty dishes.
Am awaiting the reaction.

Thursday, September 8, 2011

Celebrating World Literacy Day in Style!

Word Nest...

"You wouldn't read about it!"
It is one thing to put it all together, it is another to pull apart.... 

Got a bit stuck...

All of this was what went in...


Pure Style!
Much love all xox

Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Are you sure you have the right boy???

At coffee group on Tuesday Jill was sharing with me something she was told by a tourist she met and I retell it the best I can without 'polishing' the edges to much:
Jill was at the Crown Resort where she met and started chatting to an older lady who mentioned that when catching the bus earlier that day she had met a lovely young lad from New Zealand. Over the course of the bus conversation the young boy gave ideas of places to visit while visiting Rarotonga. From what I gather information was traded, he, the young lad shared that his mother was a teacher and step-father worked for the Ministry of Education. His family having moved over in January from Auckland.  Jill asked the lady "His name wasn't Josh by any chance?"
How small this world that we live in.  It was indeed Josh and Jill told the lady she would have to tell his mother as she is always 'on his case!' (haha).  I asked Josh if he had met a lady on the bus and what he had mentioned to her.  Being defensive as he is, he listed his conversation as Jill had laid it out to me including; places to visit during their stay,such as the waterfall, what myself and husband do, where we are from and why we came over.  
"See mum I am a good boy!"
It is lovely to hear this feedback and it boosted his ego to!  He danced around he house saying see, see, see... haha.  He then made comment that it also ment he was being a good amdasadore for his school.  Lordy, where does he get that one from?  I could hear the Jill and Josh support team Air Punch for days following!   

Air Punch

The act of punching into thin air, normally as a sign you are excited because you did something cool, or your team scored points in a match, and you want everyone to know about it. This is the equivalent to the 'woo-hoo' sound made by dumb chics when they are all talking about something stupid and they want to show their agreement on something dumb. It is important to chose the right moment when to air punch, and to do it right, or you will look like a douchebag.

Much love all xox

When enough is enough...

Okay so husband is currently away and has been for the last eight days.  He does not return to these shores for another seven days. Yah! Just over half way.  I in no way begrudge my better half of trips away and actually 'insist' that he take every opportunity that comes his way as you never know if the chance will come to you a second time.

What I have a problem with is that every time he does go away, life goes a little crazy! More then what is 'normal' for me.  It is NEVER plain sailing, run of the mill life. The last time was diabolical and this time has been no better.  So much so, I found myself laughing at myself in the shower this morning (and no not because seeing myself naked is funny...or maybe that too?!).  It is because for three nights in a row George has been up at crazy times 2am, 4.30am, for long periods of time.  Then last night I had gone to bed early and was woken at 11pm to Milly:  
Cough, cough, cough.... plaaaaar, mmuuuuummmmmm! Sob, sob...
Vomit everywhere! 
Taking her into the bathroom to clean her up, where she continued. So as a 'one man' show I needed to clean her, her bed and sheets and the bathroom.  Where do you start?

Eventually I had her in the bath washed and was cleaning the floor, until she decided sleep was what she wanted, not a great idea to try and sleep in the bath.  So by placing her in the recovery position (yes just redoing my First Aid) I then stripped the bed, remade, dressed and placed her back into bed! 
Sheets to wash out I started that horrible task of scrubbing carrots, always carrots!  And I heard that sound again, cough, cough, gag - plaaa! BUGGER!  So with two lots of bedding to do I whipped off her mattress from her cot, put it on the lounge floor with a towel and that is where she slept with me next to her on the couch! There was no way I was putting her into bed with me incase there was any more to come out!  Eventually sleep did come, around 1am after a few more trips to the bathroom, where she looked ever so cute clutching the toilet bowl poor little thing.

All is well!
The whole thing is made funnier because the previous Sunday the washing machine decided it would fill but do nothing after that but beep.  I am sincerely glad that whoever is deciding on throwing these things my way decided not to throw in 'the runs' too! 

Even funnier still is, Milly woke this morning right as rain!  For breakfast she ate four pieces of toast and half an apple! She sat happily telling her brother she had been sick and to leave her bowl* alone. As a bleary eyed mother stared into her empty tea cup thinking, 'enough is enough'!


*bowl used for just such vomiting occasions 

Much love all xox

Sunday, September 4, 2011

Fathers Day away from home...

This Fathers Day Brendon has the dream Fathers Day morning...
  • A full nights sleep
  • The well needed and deserved sleep in
  • and the all important breakfast cooked for him...
Sadly, this is all due to being currently away. He has missed out on the 3 hours George was up during the night with the 4.30pm whimper "I've done a poo..". But he has also missed the hugs and loves the kids have when snuggled up with us on a Sunday morning ...
Soooo I have made virtual breakfast in bed just as I would have if he was here.

Happy Fathers Day, Father Bear!
Then there is the way my mind plays breakfast in bed...
Nene, Josh, George and Milly.

Saturday, September 3, 2011

The crazy continues...

Both the little ones are asleep and Josh has gone to support hubby's cricket team so I get some much earned 'Nene' time!
I decided I needed to finish off some bags, here are the results...

Little Island shoulder number

...and the back.

No# 2 Island bag's front side.

... inside!

This one is made from material 'found' in Northcote Primary Schools staff room

... and it's reverse.
So there you go as my husband watches movies and eats his way through two and a half weeks away from his family.  His wife is at home making 'MORE' bags!  As I have no storage space I believe it is time to give them new homes?!

Much love all xox

Thursday, September 1, 2011

Where's Wally?

So I was in the paper again yesturday...
See if you can find me....?
Scroll down if you are stuck...

Hard to see but you get the picture...

I am going to take my fame where ever I can!

Much love all xox

Pause a moment and feel their pain...

When the world is weighing on your shoulders just remember those poor suffering children...

The little boy that asked for a banana and recieved it peeled and with the ends removed.  Because his mum knows he doesn't like them... well TODAY he wanted those end bits.
The little girl that has clothes and someone to dress her... But, doesn't want the wear THAT dress. "TAKE IT OFF" she is heard screaming.

They are suffering too! Poor little buggers what a mean mother I am!

Much love xox