Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Are you sure you have the right boy???

At coffee group on Tuesday Jill was sharing with me something she was told by a tourist she met and I retell it the best I can without 'polishing' the edges to much:
Jill was at the Crown Resort where she met and started chatting to an older lady who mentioned that when catching the bus earlier that day she had met a lovely young lad from New Zealand. Over the course of the bus conversation the young boy gave ideas of places to visit while visiting Rarotonga. From what I gather information was traded, he, the young lad shared that his mother was a teacher and step-father worked for the Ministry of Education. His family having moved over in January from Auckland.  Jill asked the lady "His name wasn't Josh by any chance?"
How small this world that we live in.  It was indeed Josh and Jill told the lady she would have to tell his mother as she is always 'on his case!' (haha).  I asked Josh if he had met a lady on the bus and what he had mentioned to her.  Being defensive as he is, he listed his conversation as Jill had laid it out to me including; places to visit during their stay,such as the waterfall, what myself and husband do, where we are from and why we came over.  
"See mum I am a good boy!"
It is lovely to hear this feedback and it boosted his ego to!  He danced around he house saying see, see, see... haha.  He then made comment that it also ment he was being a good amdasadore for his school.  Lordy, where does he get that one from?  I could hear the Jill and Josh support team Air Punch for days following!   

Air Punch

The act of punching into thin air, normally as a sign you are excited because you did something cool, or your team scored points in a match, and you want everyone to know about it. This is the equivalent to the 'woo-hoo' sound made by dumb chics when they are all talking about something stupid and they want to show their agreement on something dumb. It is important to chose the right moment when to air punch, and to do it right, or you will look like a douchebag.

Much love all xox

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