Tuesday, October 9, 2012

Huffin' 'n' a puffin' ...

Desperate to lose the 3cm (doesn't sound like much, but to me it is an insane amount) that has become lodge around my waist line I began my new routine...

I am sure the next door neighbours think there is a crazy living next door; jumping up and down on the deck, running up and down the lawn and generally huffing and puffing trying to complete my first circuit.

It is all documented and a time frame given, I just have to say NO to all those little evening snacks that husband enjoys ... Hhhmmmm

Oh well here is to a much thinner me, much love all!

Monday, October 1, 2012

“Would you shut that child UP!”

Waiting with a little chap, his family was from Aitutaki

September 19th saw Milly go under the knife for her first eye operation. Which she handled very well.  She fell asleep as she was being wheeled into surgery so the Anesthetist had a very easy job, this was commented on by not only the surgeon but the other half dozen surgical team in the room. I did however say to the surgeon as I left, “You take care of her!”
All the hospital bits!

After waking in recovery she was not at her happiest and this was where as she cried I was in tears too!  She eventually ate some ice cream and chocolate pudding with her eyes shut the whole time.  Uncovering the plated hospital meal I was okay with her not wanting it as neither did my dad or I who were starving due to being in the hospital since 11am and it was nearer to 9.30pm when they released Milly!
Waking up in the recovery room...
The following Tuesday we were back at the hospital for a check up and to be given the all clear to fly the following day.  This went well and we were in and out of the hospital in record time. 

I have only positive comments to make on the hospital staff and surgical team they where helpful and very understanding to us all.  Making the visit over from Rarotonga for the surgery they accommodated us well!

This is very different to the flight home…

Milly was on her fifth post-op day and was dealing with very sore eyes as we reached 30 minutes out of Rarotonga and coming down to land.  The airhostess had asked for me to lower the hand rest and raise the window shade which I did waking Milly up in the process as she had finally given in to sleep and rested on my lap…

The sun was glaring straight into her eyes and all she wanted was to shut the shade, which of course is not allowed and trying to explain it to a sore and tired child was not working. She began to hit and scream for the next ten minutes. A parent’s nightmare in any small confined space! I was still trying hard to pacify her when a man yelled out, “Would you shut that child UP!”  The man sitting beside Milly looked at me and said “Ignore him, he probably doesn’t fly well”. I simply burst into tears!  Because at the end of the day I LOVE having my child in pain and hitting, punching, screaming and shouting at me.  In fact I make her do it on purpose I enjoy the experience so much! W**KER! I was very lucky to have had a lovely chap in the seat next to Milly and some lovely people in front and behind.

But the dream flying experience with Air New Zealand did not end there. I had to exit the plane… Two seven kg bags and a tired tearful child trying to get down the aisle, then down the shiny, reflecting stairs.  As the airhostesses were ver busy in their own conversations I was offered no help.  Thankfully the lady that had been sitting behind me offered to take Milly’s hand down the stairs as she could barely see with swollen eyes.  Poor Husband was greeted to a very tearful wife that ended the trip in a collapsed heap in his arms!  

A big thanks to all those that wished us well or helped us through this time.

Much love all x

The response after sending an email to Air New Zealand thanks to Amanda Inskeep:

Dear Ms Fiebig

Our office recently received your message regarding your travel experience with us onboard NZ746 on 26 September 2012.

I regret to read you were subjected to a comment onboard by another passenger in relation to your daughter Emily. Please accept my sincere apologies on behalf of Air New Zealand for any inconvenience or discomfort this comment may have caused. I appreciate how challenging air travel can be at the best of times. To be travelling with a child in Emily’s condition, would have only added to these challenges.

It is thus disappointing if passengers conclude that the only reason a child is crying onboard is because they are unsettled. This is both an incorrect assumption as well as inconsiderate toward parents. I again regret the actions and comments of this particular passenger.

Your frustrations would have only been heightened by the lack of assistance provided by the crew member when deboarding your flight. We certainly provide assistance toward elderly and infirm, parents with young children as well as passengers with medical conditions. It is thus unfortunate if the crew member was not aware of your situation or the condition of your daughter. Regardless, crew need to be proactive whenever onboard and offer assistance in various situations. I regret if this was not made evident upon your arrival. Please be assured your comments have been forwarded to the Flight Service Manager to convey toward staff on duty on this occasion.

Ms Fiebig, thank you again for bringing this matter to our attention. It is only with such feedback that we are able to make improvements in specific areas of our operation. I trust we have an opportunity to welcome you both back onboard again soon, albeit without incident.

Yours sincerely