Wednesday, November 28, 2012

Ignorant or ditzy you choose...

So after two years here in the Cooks we are packing up and heading on to a new adventure. I have been busy with Garage Sales and packing, school reports and data entry. All the end of year things that need doing on top of the impending move!

So when I received an email the other day about our freight ...

Can I just check with you for the customs form whether you have any of the following:
Food of any kind?
Animal products of any kind? that includes shells, bone, wool, fur, feathers etc
Plant products? including wooden ornaments, carvings, bamboo, basket, straw etc
Equipment used with animals?
Vacuum cleaner, sports gear, shoes, outdoor equipment etc?
Medications of any kind?
Knives? or other weapons? - do you have kitchen knives in any boxes?

I thought, ah no to most things knives in one box and nothing else... As I had begun packing almost a month and a half ago I forgot about my bible bag, church hat, wooden scratcher and a couple of other touristy keep sacks. So as I thought about it more those items began popping into my head...

Then I received a second email...

"I just opened up the box you labelled 'books' to see if I could see any shells and there was a large piece of coral right on the top! We've been told you can't take anything off the beach like that into NZ. It's exactly the same as when you fly into NZ, you wouldn't be allowed that in your suitcase ..... they are really strict about it. I don't want to go through your boxes to see what else needs to be taken out - can you come around on Monday afternoon or evening and just do a quick check of them?..."

 Oh my gosh!  But the best was yet to come... I did not even click to the fact it could not come back with us and had just 'chucked it in to fill a gap'.Comment was made that it is not even a nice piece of coral, until it was pointed out about the shape...

Yep, that is where for the first time in a very long time I have felt mortified! I was so embarrassed. If you struggle to work it out here is a couple of others from my collection surely you can tell...

Yes the 'Penis Coral Collection' had been discovered and my embarrassment is more for the fact that I did not even think that coral is on the
 "NZ bio security website, coral is on the totally banned list whether it is bought from a shop or not."...
I was very sheepish and red faced about the fact that I am so predictable, for  someone to realise I would like the shape of the coral because it takes the form of a penis. 

My husband hung his head and tutted at me again. He also told me after going through all the boxes that he seems to remember something about coral not to be taken. Could have remember that one earlier!

Have a laugh at my expense and I hope this makes someones day as they realise there is someone out there crazier then themselves! 

Much love (and there is absolutely NO coral in any of my boxes penis shaped or other!)

Wednesday, November 7, 2012

One of THOSE days...

Today has been one of THOSE days when you wish you had not gotten out of bed! It started at 4.30am with Milly rolling out of George's bed and crying out in pain, we thought maybe collar bone but by the time we were up and moving all was well again. Then Brendon needed the car today to get to town, as he has sold his scooter it meant he needed to drive us to school... Once he found his keys! Two days in a row of lost keys. I arrived at 7.55am School starts at 8am so with five minutes to go I hastily prepared myself and realigne my inner-self. 

The lead up to our class field trip goes well as does the heading off to the weather station. Parking, getting out of the car I turn and lock the car (MY BOSSES) and the key attached to a central locking and alarm system breaks.  I now have two halves, a spring, a key bit and a button piece in my hand. I rush to join the group thinking I will deal with it later...
Weather Station on the sea front

Three terraced walls protect the Met Station
during a Tropical Cyclone

Weather balloon $100, whole unit $300! Daily...
$109, 500 per year!

Where does the weather balloon go???
What a great visit and WOW! The information shared was fantastic, they make their own hydrogen to send the balloon up and I am sure this is easy enough for you science geeks out there but I am impressed!

So after a successful visit I head back to the office as we were gifted a water gauge for the school. By the time I get back out to the car all the parents are gone except one who has a meeting and I am taking her group back with me... She kindly hangs around to see if I can get in the car and then shoots off to her meeting. With all the kids in ooohhing and arhhing about the (brand new) clean smelling car I turn the key over ... NOTHING! Will not start.  I phone husband who is not far away and then the lovely school office lady who is in town banking. One comes to collect the kids and return back to school so they can catch the school bus home and the other to run me down the road to fix the key. But before either of them get to me a very kind young lad stops to see if we are all right, he has a go trying to fix the key and after ten minutes and finding in the small amount of shade he hands the key back to me. Husband turns up followed by Bec's. I try to unlock the car, instead the alarm is going off, I have to leave my handbag and hope no one spies it.  We make it down the road to the Motor Centre where some helpful men all have a look, laugh and murmur "Oh that's a bad one!" NOT helping the guilt I have churning inside!

Any~who, a wonderful young lad takes it away, returns ten minutes later all fixed and glued back in position. Returning to the car I say a little prayer and the car turns over! Turns out though the key was loose and just needs to be clipped in plus it has a button to push to lock and unlock. Not like I am use to in our car where everything is manual... So not all my fault after all, but it does leave me wondering...

 'Why does this stuff always happen to ME?'

Have a laugh as I can see the funny two hours later! :-) Thanks to the very kind man that stopped for me and to all those that came to my rescue! x

Sunday, November 4, 2012

Cakes in 30 degree heat...

Trying to decorate cakes here in Rarotonga can have its problems, one being getting your hands on just the right tools and ingredients. Another is the 30 degree heat plus, and the third problem I had this time was not only had I said I would do it on a Friday arvo for my friends son but I would also go to the 'Diva's in Raro' concert with her that night too!

Dirty icing...

My mum had brought over black royal icing on her last visit...

The scientists of the group did count the eyes to make sure
there were eight, lucky I kept my audience in mind and made it
scientifically correct!

An enjoyable cake to make and what a night out after, kicked up the heals and danced to some GREAT ladies. 

Much love x