Sunday, November 4, 2012

Cakes in 30 degree heat...

Trying to decorate cakes here in Rarotonga can have its problems, one being getting your hands on just the right tools and ingredients. Another is the 30 degree heat plus, and the third problem I had this time was not only had I said I would do it on a Friday arvo for my friends son but I would also go to the 'Diva's in Raro' concert with her that night too!

Dirty icing...

My mum had brought over black royal icing on her last visit...

The scientists of the group did count the eyes to make sure
there were eight, lucky I kept my audience in mind and made it
scientifically correct!

An enjoyable cake to make and what a night out after, kicked up the heals and danced to some GREAT ladies. 

Much love x

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