Sunday, June 17, 2012

A Night to Remember...

When I heard our school was having a ball as part of the fundraising we need to do each year all I could think was 'only if I was in New Zealand!' A place were I could have a chance to find something to wear! For the last couple of weeks it has been the topic of conversation in the staffroom what to wear and were to try to buy dresses or shoes. Fortunately Fairy-god Mother Jo came to my rescue and after an afternoon of trying on dresses and my children running a muck in her house she lent me a beautiful red number... Many thanks Jo!
All is well, the start of the night and yet again another photo
where I blink at the flash!  The gorgeous Rachel and I mixing drinks...
Well, I have just recovered (its 1pm Sunday arvo) from last nights efforts at our schools fundraiser Fire and Ice Ball... It has been a very long time since I have had more then four 'adult' drinks in one sitting! Because the venue was just down the road from us I had offered to host the pre-ball drinks. Milly was most excited to see all the beautiful ladies and dresses and kept getting caught out of bed ogling the ladies.  I was amazed at my very talented friends that made their dresses.  They were indeed a 'fiery' and stunning looking bunch!
Tamer then the last pre-ball I attended (in 1995!)
Sadly husband was suffering from tooth ache and in a lot of pain, but being the kind hearted bloke that he is he managed the whole night and even managed a smile.... 
Dapper chap!
 As I was up dancing I looked around and noticed the floor was ONLY women. The male partners were all standing on the side lines watching their women folk pound the dance floor! Even funnier was the fact that we were still conversing in between singing the songs of course.  Talk about multi tasking! 
Pounding the dance floor with the good old left foot, right foot tap! haha
 I did manage to drag hubby up onto the dance floor as I mentioned the fact everyone around him had been drinking and they look far funnier in his eyes then him in theirs...
Enjoying the evening!
 The band was fantastic 'The Mermaids' from New Zealand had come over to play and went though the 80's, 90's and beyond.  It was when they got to the beyond years that I turned to husband and said my now new line ...
"Hold onto the crazy!" 
He did not listen as I very quickly got swept away by two different ladies who had partaken in a few more of those 'adult' drinks then I.  The pounding of the dance floor stopped and bounding started it was like a sea of red elephants released through the masses. I was only saved as I grabbed hold of a friends hand on the way past! Clutching on for dear life, I am not looking forward to seeing the photos of that part of the night.
Looking good!?

Locomotion is a MUST!
 The night was fantastic, shoes got broken, (not mine) skirts got hitched  and smiles were worn all night.  I look forward to hearing of the financial success that this wonderful event has meant for the school as the team that put it together deserve a big congratulations and our thanks! A night to remember...
The Mermaids band
And the band is coming to school on Monday afternoon to sing to the kids! 

Much love all and remember...
"Hold onto the crazy!" 

Wednesday, June 13, 2012

From the mouth of babes...

Currently, with great disgust from my husband I am teaching Milly to reply to the question of "how are you" with... "Physically and emotionally I am well, thank you". She is getting very good at saying the sentence but needs coaxing when asked as she is still replying with a simple, "good".  So tonight as husband walked away with raised eyebrows and a very loud exhale of breathe I continued the lesson. We managed till about the sixth time when she replied to my, "how are you Milly?" with... "Physically and emotionally you are unwell".  Hmmm from an almost three year old and she already knows her mother well!
Yesterday as I was taking the register in class one of my darling told me that I looked 'beautiful'. I replied "oh do I? Thank you". She quickly added 'yes you look just like a zebra'.  Slightly deflated I gave myself a metal note not to wear my black and white stripped cardie again!

This arvo someone really wanted to watch TV and as I said there where lots of chores to do off he went to help...

Much love all x

Monday, June 4, 2012

It has been a while since I have written anything.  What with reports to write (although it is only eleven), mum and dad have visited and Husband has been off to Vanuatu for cricket umpiring it has been very busy indeed.  So much so I had such a funny story that I thought I would share about something very daft that I had done, nothing unusual there.  But for the life of me I can not remember... I am very sure I have the beginning of ...what ever the brain forgetting disease is hhhmmm can't remember it's name ???
Hugs with Nan
Out and about celebrating Husbands birthday in the middle of town...
and at his work!
The conversation I had with Milly this evening was very interesting.  We had had a shower and dressing, she was pointing to different things and asking their colours . Then the topic of boobs came up as it so often does with Little Miss, so I asked her where hers were?  Her response was “In my bones and in my brain, my brain is pink and it does not have rocks in it!” Whew what an answer and incase you are wondering I have never ever told her she has rocks in her head so I am wondering myself where this has come from???

Ra-ra having some quiet time with the grandkids! 
Josh on his bike in the triathlon