Sunday, April 8, 2012

Easter Bunny lives in the hills of Rarotonga don't you know...

Easter Weekend begins...

Beautiful Easter day in sunny Raro, we spent the afternoon at friends on an Easter Eggs Hunt.  Because the sun is so hot we looked for coconuts hidden around their property with children's names on them; so as not to confuse with any old coconut.  Josh's was a tricky one to find... hehe
The hunt is on!
Pied piper of Easter Eggs!
"I can't find MINE!" (bottom lip quivering)

Never too old!

Father Bear looks on...

"Now where is that last one...?"
After a hot-cross bun breakfast I asked George if he wanted to go on an egg hunt? Which he declared he did and as the Easter Bunny lives in the hills that is where he wanted to head!... I had to perused him that maybe due to the rain we had early in the morning, maybe Easter Bunny delivered them inside the house.  So with a hymph off they went hand in hand.  George did stop to read a book, he was not to be hurried even if mum was super excited!

"Come on Milly let's go up the mountain..."

"Mum ruins all our fun"

Chocolate FOUND!

"I'm sooo happy to have chocolate!" (hehe)
He is saying cheese as the photo is taken
Much love all and a very Happy Easter to all our friends and family! xoxox