Thursday, December 15, 2011

Wow almost a Year!

A year has almost gone by and I thought I would put some pics together...
Hahaha... Just because this is such a lovely photo!

School Christmas concert 2010 
Jan 2010
Dec 2011, don't be fooled by that smile, he is trouble!
Mum and Milly having a dip...
2011 school concert
Dancing at the concert!
So very much has changed in a year... Even my husband, I mean wife, I mean husbwife....

The BIG House...

A 10 minute walk from our place...
Driving home from town yesterday I had a hell of a fright as I drove past the prison.  There is not too much to the fencing around the perimeter and a coconut decided to fall and make a break for it, taking with it a strand of barb wire...

From the looks of the above photo they need a few more 'crafty' people in lock up to get the gift shop up and running again!

Where the security arm is always up....

Mind that wire on your way out!
Needless to say if anyone was to escape they can not go to far!?

Much love all xo

Tuesday, December 13, 2011


 The other day I had the great idea of cutting the hedge back so I could get to my garden... Yep should have just left that thought right there in my head!  I have seen islander out cutting their hedges with the massive bush knives and thought "I can do that!"  Yep, again should have just left that thought happy in my head! BUT no out I go and as I unlock the shed to get my massive bush knife I think to myself "why not leave it to the landlord, you may regret this...".  I stalk on over and lash out a couple of times and then get annoyed because our massive bush knife seems not to be working.  As I went for another swing I felt a burning pain in my forehead, then my back, then... MY ARSE it is on fire!  I calmly walked back to the shed (in pain) returned the knife, locked the door and headed back into the house where a very sick husband is trying to work out why I am walking like I have a carrot between my arse cheeks.  I calmly tell him what happened and strangely there is yet to be any swear words released from my mouth! 

Not the one on my butt!
So vinegar and antihistamine was needed and thankfully I did not swell up.  Has taught me I should listen to those thoughts I have inside my head a little more. And as it was a Sunday it may have been a sign that I should not have been working on the Sabbath as I have been told you should not here!?  When i went to work the next day and told them what had happened my boss said to me, "You're not a local are you?!! (said with laughter) We all wave a stick in the bush because that is where they nest."  So many things they need to put in a pamphlet to hand out when you come to live here!

The next day the funny thing or not so funny as the case maybe, as I was washing the kids there was a blood curdling scream from Josh.  I raced out to see what the dickens he had done to himself and he was racing around like a headless chook!  Josh had been outside throwing a ball up into one of our mango trees trying to knock another ball out that was stuck.  Wasps had got him about eight times and one was still in his back!  When I went out to find the nest it had fallen with the wasps still using it and it was the size of a dinner plate!
What he can't see when putting calamine lotion
on the wasp stings...
There are a number of nests around at the moment.  Following our wasp stings when Josh and I where upstairs in the resource room at school with another student and two wasps came by.  I am not afraid to say we 'clung' to each other and made a "eeewww" noise before making a hasty retreat down the steps.  The other lad said "Ah you guys are PUSSYS!" and chased them away.  I could not tell the boy off for his use of language at school because he was absolutely correct, but neither Josh or I were up for another sting!

Much love all and remember those voices in your head are there for a reason! And if you are going to cut back your bush wave a stick at it first...

Friday, December 9, 2011

The Wizard of Oz... Christmas Party 2011

 I love dress up parties and this is the second one in two weeks...!  This one was for Brendon's work and the theme was Literacy charcaters.  I had made my plastic bag skirt the week before for my own staff do and so I worked around being able to reuse...

I have the nose and the dress, so it was the 'Wicked Witch of the West' for me. Leaving the door open forHusband to be Dorothy.
'Oh no mum not again!'

"Ah a witch!"

"Nah ahahahaah!"

Dorothy, ain't she a beauty?

Raro style ruby slippers

The whole crew... Dot, Witchie, Lion, Scarecrow and TinLady!



and hilarity!

Dot puts her feet up after a long night!
After winning best dressed couple we then had to race home to get husband on his New Zealand bound plane.

Now when is the next one?

Much love all xox

Thursday, December 8, 2011

Sign Posts on my travels...

Wild Mountain Woman!

We had a Mystery Bus trip today for our second to last day of school.  Was a lot of fun and here are a few signs from along the way...
We visited the tip
Heading up Raemaru near where we live
The walk up... Well worth the trip!
The view from up the mountain!
Just made me giggle, as I am juvenile!
Blackrock, where we had a legend told to us...
Compressing the trash! It only smelt when a bag was popped...

Last stop of the day!
Much love all xox

Monday, December 5, 2011

Tourists say the darndest things...

We were having a swim at a local resort yesterday and this is the conversation I could not help but over hear...

Tourist Girl 1.  "We went for a scooter ride and got sunburnt, we went right round the island."

Tourist Girl 2.  "Oh we went round too!" *insert high pitched girlie squeal*

Tourist Girl 1.  "Oooh and we saw some cute as baby goats!" *insert high pitched girlie squeal*

Tourist Girl 2.  "Aaaw ooh, were they white?"

Tourist Girl 1.  "Yeap!" 

Tourist Girl 2.  "Oh mmmyyyyy God!  We saw the SAME ones!" *insert high pitched girlie squeal and a giggle* 

"Hey Dave did ya see that human on the scooter?"
"Nah, Rod they all look the same mate! Pass us some grass would ya"
Yes indeed, you can drive the whole 32 kilometers around Rarotonga and only see the VERY same baby goats! AMAZING!  So glad I was privy to that gem as it had me giggling for the afternoon.

Much love all xo

Thursday, November 24, 2011

Josh and my first Cooking Compition...

Opening Day
Set up...

Ready, but nervous...
Getting sorted

'Come on lets get the ball rolling!'

Still waiting and fluffin!

Josh with a Judge...

eeek the puplic look!

Joshua's Cake, teachers at school loved it!
Joshua collecting his medal


My turn...

and again!

I am Marrying UP!

George has suddenly become fasinated with marriage...

"Mum you are sooo beautiful, I'm goin to give you a flower you are going to marry up!" 

Me: "Who will I marry up?"

"Dad and I will give you a lollie too!"
Playing tea parties with Moo Moo.