Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Gold Rings and Parents...

So, the decision is made we are moving to Rarotonga! I have agreed to help fulfill Brendon's dream of living on a Pacific Island Paradise. With a couple of very small conditions... a gold ring and 'he' has to tell my parents!   

We are once more packing up and moving on... I did make comment I shall die packing as it only seems not so long ago we moved back to Auckland and then again into our own house. But this time I have a classroom to pack up as well as a house and it is not as simple as it sounds. We have to; sell furniture, donate unused and unwanted items, box up stuff we want to store here in New Zealand, and pack items that we need to take with us to the Islands.  This is no mean feat as the shipping company have set a date for pick up 17 December, the day after school finishes. We have to move in with my folks for five weeks too due to renting the house out on the 18th.  

I should also mention the $1200 shopping spree for toilet paper and dry goods I went on. We have been informed some items such as lady things, tinned foods, UHT milk (33 ltrs) and toilet paper are good to have shipped over. ("Where are you taking me Brendon?")

Now Christmas has come and gone the stress has subsided for now and there is as much peace as you will ever have living with seven people under one roof and it is here I thought I should keep track of this adventure I am on all because I did not listen to my husband! Haha...

Oh evidently Brendon did eventually tell my parents and the ring did come in time too!

18 Days till we go

Brendon's 'BRIGHT' Idea...

Some months back my dear, sweet husband was at the dinning room table reading. I was paying little interest into what he was doing (as usual) as I lazed in the living room with our two young children. This is where I made my first folly, a wise wife who pays attention is never caught unaware!

"Wife" husband called, "there is a job going in Rarotonga"

Second folly happens here with my reply...
In a slightly unamused voice my reply is... "Go for it..." 

I continued my life as normal, leaving Brendon to his world of CV writing, which went on night after night. This meant I had full control of the remotes and I would occasionally see his silvered head pop up whenever some sporting interest was on the box.  

Weeks later a response to the Rarotonga job application came through, with the invitation to an interview. Discussions followed like "what if you get it?", "what will we do with the house?" and many more what 'ifs' and 'buts'.  

The interview day comes and I have almost forgotten that it is on the cards, until my husband walks out early one Friday morning looking very dapper in a suit. A phone call later that day informing me that he felt he did his best and was very confident within himself. It must have gone very well, because some short time later he was offered a job within the Cook Island Ministry of Education! So the lesson I  have learnt over the last few months is ... A wise wife LISTENS to ALL that her husband says.