Sunday, May 29, 2011

Yes Dear...

Friday night was 'I don't want my husband home night' (boys night out).  Which left husband feeling a little worse for wear on Saturday morning and minus his funny bone. It was the later reason that lead to me having to tell husband off as we walked to the markets.  I had told him a very funny "nene made" joke.  Which if you know my made up humour it leaves your sides aching! Anyway he looked at me with a blank expression and said "I don't get it..." So I explained and even went to the trouble to re-work the joke for him, he then stated, "It's not funny!"  
Well, I had to let forth the wrath of wife...
    "Don't you know that marriage is pretending...; Pretending I am funny, pretending to be disgusted at my farts, pretending my arse doesn't look fat in those one size to small jeans, pretending you are listening to me talking about 'The Jones', pretending you are not scared when I drive, pretend, pretend, pretend.  It is indeed an art to marriage, to be able to pretend so well!"

Husband wrapped me in his arms and sweetly answered "Yes dear".  Aaaaahhhh we were back on track... He was back to pretending!

Note: The Jone's mentioned are generic 'Jones' and are no way related to any Jones' I may know and have taken to hiding in their bushes.

Thursday, May 26, 2011

Happy Birthday...

Not enough candles in the house...


Show pony!

Couldn't get the whistle to work...

'Oh dear!'

We love you!

Tuesday, May 24, 2011

How old...

Husband has his birthday tomorrow and I think age may be showing!  Last night the rain was coming down hard and heavy and there was some surface flooding of our yard.  As I climbed into bed I said, "Oh pooh" referring to the bad smell that hit me.  Husband already in bed very politely asked me if I had farted.  Very indignantly I told him, "NO!" He then asked... "Was it me?"  Oh dear, if you have to ask is that a sign of age?  It was in fact the sewerage tank, when it floods it omits a fowl smell and it was particularly bad last night... 
'Ah was that me?..."

Sunday, May 22, 2011

Hospital equals retirement fund...

Not another photo!
I reminded my husband this afternoon as to his great idea... "Oh look a job in Rarotonga!"  We have had; infected insect bites, boils, the runs, colds, cankers, cold sores, red raw nappy rashes and scabies! The hospital is investing in my retirement fund!  As one of the perks of husbands job, to have a percentage of doctors bills paid back to us every time we go to the doctors. I can look on the bright side... The retirement fund is getting BIGGER!  One hundred and thirty dollars in just this week alone!

"eeemmm pus!"

Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Funny snippets...

A chance to laugh at us!

15 May 2011

George is yelling at dad, "The hand bags dad, the hand bags...!" We were asking him what do you mean?  He pointed to the cups of tea husband was making, "The hand bags dad" George said.  The penny dropped he was talking about the tea bags!

We have a lovely babies bath that the kids wash in, in the shower.  On this particular evening George had his toy boat in there too.  He proceeded to re-enacted the scene in the movie 'Nemo' where Nemo is going to touch the boat.  It was a very dramatic shower-bath; "No Nemo, no" George is yelling out.  Followed by the drop and shake of his head.  

Back yard golf has become very serious mum and dad have to "stand back" on the  deck.  George has even given us positions in which we are 'allowed' to stand.  He tee's off, turns for affirmation... We have to clap and if we don't do that in the 'correct' way we a shown how to do this too!  OCD little man, yes indeedy!   

Josh came home and saw George had his hand bandaged up.  A concerned Josh asked how George had hurt himself? George informed him. 
"I cut it off!" 
Josh was horrified, "Did he?" He directed his question at me. But before I could answer, "Yes Josh" George said. 
"With what, George?" Josh asked.
"Dad's tool!" George dramatically said.
Josh was looking at me as I am laughing at the whole conversation.  George had taken a tiny little piece of skin off his hand and he had pulled out the first aid kit and insisted I put a bandage on! He took it off for his bath and had to have it put back on, only when he had to put his hand out to bandage it up he forgot which hand it was! 

16 May 2011

Milly and I were hanging out on the couch when she started to lick a wall. She turned to me with a big smile on her face and said, "iiiimmmmm YUM!" Either this girl will simple ea anything or her eye sight is worse then we thought!

18 May 2011

On the weekend husband and I went for a bike ride, we are trying to better our time of a circuit we do.  We started off well, although I did have to stop twice to sort out my seat. As we neared 'hospital hill' husband was well ahead of me due to my fannying about with the seat.  I soon caught up as his chain fell off. There he is having a mince around the bike and I could seriously read his mind... "How am I going to get this on without getting my hands dirty?"  So I offered him that I could do it, never have I seen him answer me so quickly.  Need less to say I rode home with grease smeared hands!

There will be more to come...
Much Love

Saturday, May 14, 2011

Happy 3rd Birthday George!

We had to decorate first...
Decorated Deck

The ballons kept popping...

The games room!

Mum and Dad's presents to open and off for a steak dinner...


Any more Josh?
"Come on guys, let me have a go!

"Yeah it's Saturday, Party Day!

'Police Officer Dad'
"George... there is party food soon!"
"The more Bogey's the better..."

"Here's one on my finger George!"
Where's the ball gone?"


Too Much cake!

All over for another year!

...and Dad is still smiling!
"Gggrrr...". Not Milly though!

And as for the birthday boy...
He is all tuckered out!

Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Looking forward to Friday 13th...

A horrified Josh just asked, "You're not going to town in your pajamas are you?"  I have had the crappiest week and wearing pajamas, to town tonight, is not beneath me!  Yes it has come to wearing pj's to get cash from the bank as every eftpos and cash flow machine was on the blink this afternoon... it took 15 minutes just to pay for the groceries and that was with a bank officer there trying to solve the problem.  

With hubby away the week has gone down hill since we left him at the airport on Monday.  Today was the Milly's eye appointment at he hospital and I am sure the stuff received a memo that we had arrived and shot out to lunch! The cue down the hallway was approx five including us.  By the time I was seen the hallway was chocka... The lady beside me commented on taking the mickey about island time.  We then compared booking times and it seemed all patience had a 1pm appointment.  When we did get in we moved pretty quickly but we have to be back up there at opening time for both George and Milly needing 'focus' tests.  From this test it should let us know whether she is in need of an operation!  Poor lady-girl with her wonky eye!

"There is Nothing wrong with my eyes!"
It is all the small things that add up making a working mum's day that much harder!  I can only hope with Friday 13th (and George's third birthday) coming up it can only get better!

Much love xox

Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Where can we hide...

As I sit about to type I feel a little person around my feet, she has taken my slippers and is now standing with them in front of the printer!  I take the time to watch what she is doing as the kids are not allowed to touch it. It is at this point I discover where things that have gone missing are... Milly has 'filed' DVD covers, socks and other small items into the printer and closed the draw to keep all her 'treasures' in!  At least she has stopped standing on the washing basket, singing "a tumbling down"!

Today when I went to pick up George from school 'Aunty' said to me; "I was going to come and get you, George put play-dough up his nose and we couldn't get it out!"  I think she was a bit surprised by my response; "Ah not again, he's done that ever since he realised he had holes in his body!"  Last year he had stuck paper up his nose and had been trying to get it out for ages before I realised it was there! Boys are truly gross, or is it just mine?

With Husband away for the week in AituTaki, I have been flying solo.  Last night Milly had a shocking sleep and ended up in bed with me.  In the morning after dropping everyone off George and I got to school and I realised we had forgotten his bag!  This would have been okay if we didn't need changes of clothes. So I set of for home as the island is only 32kms round I didn't think it would take all that long, almost an hour later I got to my classroom!  It is a short distance and driving at the 50km limit it can go quite quickly unless... you get stuck behind people going 20-30kms!  Grrr made for a crappy day and only made worse becuase I forgot about the staff meeeting!   Who ever said Monday's are bad!  I am looking forward to tomorrow...

The house is very quite as mum and dad left on Sunday and then with Brendon gone.  Josh disapears in the afternoons so it is just myself and the two little ones . 'Sssh don't tell Brendon but we are going to watch a movie and it is only 5.30pm!'  The down fall is George chose ELF...

Much love xox

Monday, May 9, 2011


As George's birthday near we have decided to sort a sand pit for him and in the following photos it is well needed!
"Look at me Milly!"
'No time to muck around Milly, we have grass to cut!'
'Oh, grass is in my...'
Wonder if sand is easier to clean off?
Cheering mum on comes second to making sure the safety cones are working...
George supporting mum at the triathlon...
Three little monkey's...
Triple trouble...
I had to laugh today it was pouring with rain, the roads had puddles almost to the middle.  As I was driving along and having to drive through them George is yelling out, "More, more, faster, faster!" It was very hard to see out the windows and the car going slower then the 50km speed limit was still close to surfing home rather then driving!  But if I was having trouble, the scooter riders were in a much worse position then me.  One dude I saw had his hoodie pulled right over his left eye and his head turned to the right to keep the wind and rain from pelting his face; how he managed to drive in a straight line, I do not know!

This week we see Milly finally having her eyes looked at on Wednesday by the specialist at the hospital. Hopefully there will be some way to correct her eye?! Fingers crossed...

Much love xox

Sunday, May 8, 2011

International Tri 2011...

Waiting for my turn...
Why am I smiling? 41.5km awaits...
Friday night (6th May) was a very restless night, not only Milly having a cry every couple of hours but the looming thought of what was to come on Saturday.  When I was out having dinner a month ago and asked if I wanted to be the cyclist in a team for the Rarotongan International Triathlon, I never actually processed what this would mean!  During the week I had seen an influx of people out on their bikes. Bikes that looked oddly out of place on the island, and worth three times what our car is worth!  So I had a restless night thinking about how out of my depth I was...

On the positive side my lovely team members; Jo and Jenny were in it to say they had entered and completed an International tri and were happy to finish!  I remember as yet another cyclist passed me, on their very lovely bikes, this was only my third triathlon and my very first full one! So I was very grateful my team was happy with me finishing in the best time I could...

My nerves were no better in the morning and then they went into over drive when we turned up to the tri transition area.  The bikes were just something else and the amount of people walking around in their special 'suits' was very over whelming.  I think 'a nervous pee' turned into half a dozen!  

The conditions were very rough, the wind was up and the lagoon looked a bit like a washing machine...  I was very glad I was not the swimmer for this race.

Start of the Race... I missed this bit I was peeing, again!

This picture is not the best at showing the waves, but at some points in the swim watching it looked as if some people where going nowhere!
The family caught up with me... Here I am almost finished, and I am still smiling...

The first leg of my race was good and I managed to get up the hill in one go after riding the first 17ks under my belt.  Then the rain came, making pedaling that much harder.  I then had someone scoot past me and say "good on you for using a mountain bike"... Oh dear that put a dampener on the spirits!  But I can say I completed 41.5kms in 1 hr 50mins which is faster then my first trip around the island and only riding 32kms in 2 hrs 10 mins!  I am wondering if I had a 'better' road bike what could I achieve?

The wind was very strong but as I rounded to the last 10kms it felt as if I was peddling and going no where.  I was not only having to dodge the pot holes but there was a certain amount of debris to dodge too! Coconuts are not kind when you hit them on a bike!

And at this point you don't want to know what I am thinking!

In this photo above is the point where Mum, dad, Brendon and the kids caught up with me and stopped to take photos.  I took the time to send a message to my husband, it was a single word beginning the sixth letter of the alphabet... Only I got the phone number wrong, for the next few kilometres I missed a few phone calls and received a number of text messages.  I had to take some extra time to apologise to the poor recipient, that will learn me!

I can proudly say I did complete and have the sore butt to prove it ~ It is a very rewarding feeling, and I do wonder what it would be like to have the ability; time wise and financially to compete more seriously... But family first, maybe when the kids are older I could join the 'vetrans' section?!
Please Resuscitate, the 2011 team!  eeech I look a little large!
Much love xox

Friday, May 6, 2011

Dancing, celebrations and triathlons...

Last night saw us dinning at Crown Beach Resort for their Island Night, if you ever visit this is a must to do.  The dancing is fantastic! There is something for all, bare chested boys and coconut bikini clad ladies. Oh and fire dancing for those not interested in the either of those... But how could you not the boys are buff and can really shake a tail feather! I know that husband reads this but it is okay: he was enjoying the ladies just as much!  

Island ladies shakin and shimmerin!

The part of the evening where they get us white folk up and embarass us. Trying to teach us island dancing and all I could think was; 'not me, not me, not me, pphhhhew!' I could not imagine me up on stage trying to shake like them... They are simply amazing!

Mum, Dad and Brendon enjoying a pre dinner drink at Crown Beach Resort
Boys Dancing!
Fire Dances...
Oh and the food is quite lovely too! With many island treats to sample; octopus, iki mata, and taro are just the tip of the ice-berg... 

Also tried this week was Alberto's Steak restaurant, a joint celebration of George and Husbands up coming birthday's. One must not be put off my the decor... The food is 70's style menu; Shrimp cocktail, pavlova and Spag Bol are all right there on the menu.  But the steaks; which we have not had since leaving New Zealand due, were melt in the mouth delicious. We did have to rap it up early as George who was very well behaved during dinner starting singing his version of 'happy birttday' very loudly! One to many 'mini-ades' (a small lemonade)!
Trying to get George to show us his gifts as he was opening them... very hard task! ...
Not so for Husband! Bloody gnomes!

I am incredibly nervous as tomorrow is the round Raro International Triathlon.  I am doing the 41.5km bike ride, the people that have turned up on the island with their bikes look like true professionals! At least I will be able to work towards bettering myself next year... ah already thinking forward to next year hhhmmmm...
A little something I will be doing this coming Sunday.... Its a  had life!

Much Love xox