Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Funny snippets...

A chance to laugh at us!

15 May 2011

George is yelling at dad, "The hand bags dad, the hand bags...!" We were asking him what do you mean?  He pointed to the cups of tea husband was making, "The hand bags dad" George said.  The penny dropped he was talking about the tea bags!

We have a lovely babies bath that the kids wash in, in the shower.  On this particular evening George had his toy boat in there too.  He proceeded to re-enacted the scene in the movie 'Nemo' where Nemo is going to touch the boat.  It was a very dramatic shower-bath; "No Nemo, no" George is yelling out.  Followed by the drop and shake of his head.  

Back yard golf has become very serious mum and dad have to "stand back" on the  deck.  George has even given us positions in which we are 'allowed' to stand.  He tee's off, turns for affirmation... We have to clap and if we don't do that in the 'correct' way we a shown how to do this too!  OCD little man, yes indeedy!   

Josh came home and saw George had his hand bandaged up.  A concerned Josh asked how George had hurt himself? George informed him. 
"I cut it off!" 
Josh was horrified, "Did he?" He directed his question at me. But before I could answer, "Yes Josh" George said. 
"With what, George?" Josh asked.
"Dad's tool!" George dramatically said.
Josh was looking at me as I am laughing at the whole conversation.  George had taken a tiny little piece of skin off his hand and he had pulled out the first aid kit and insisted I put a bandage on! He took it off for his bath and had to have it put back on, only when he had to put his hand out to bandage it up he forgot which hand it was! 

16 May 2011

Milly and I were hanging out on the couch when she started to lick a wall. She turned to me with a big smile on her face and said, "iiiimmmmm YUM!" Either this girl will simple ea anything or her eye sight is worse then we thought!

18 May 2011

On the weekend husband and I went for a bike ride, we are trying to better our time of a circuit we do.  We started off well, although I did have to stop twice to sort out my seat. As we neared 'hospital hill' husband was well ahead of me due to my fannying about with the seat.  I soon caught up as his chain fell off. There he is having a mince around the bike and I could seriously read his mind... "How am I going to get this on without getting my hands dirty?"  So I offered him that I could do it, never have I seen him answer me so quickly.  Need less to say I rode home with grease smeared hands!

There will be more to come...
Much Love

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