Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Tornado on the Shore???

Tonight we are watching the Auckland weather which I only found out was happening due to jumping on facebook...  Which already has a facebook page RIP-ing RIP Those Killed In North Shore Tornado 3/5/11 .  
I am sad that people did die in the bad weather, but a page already??? Hells bells!!!
This is a snippet of my conversation with my little brother in regards to grandad (92yrs) as mum and dad are here and hoping all is okay back home...

Janine Terese Fiebig May 2 at 7:04pm
I just saw on stuff.co crazy. so grandad is okay?
much love to you and grandad xo

Shane Kelly May 2 at 8:57pm Reply • Report

Yeah Granddad wasn't aware that it was a tornado till I rang him but he said he'd closed his curtains because the wind was whipping up so strongly I think he was worried the window might have blown out, Looks like it followed a path over Glenfield/Birkenhead way. It doesn't sound like its gone down Beach Haven but thought I'd check it out anyway.
Some houses through Unsworth heights also got damaged badly

Dad is on the phone now (Raro) to grandad (Albany) now giving him an update on the tornado that happened not far from his door! Bless!!!  

Much love xox

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