Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Looking forward to Friday 13th...

A horrified Josh just asked, "You're not going to town in your pajamas are you?"  I have had the crappiest week and wearing pajamas, to town tonight, is not beneath me!  Yes it has come to wearing pj's to get cash from the bank as every eftpos and cash flow machine was on the blink this afternoon... it took 15 minutes just to pay for the groceries and that was with a bank officer there trying to solve the problem.  

With hubby away the week has gone down hill since we left him at the airport on Monday.  Today was the Milly's eye appointment at he hospital and I am sure the stuff received a memo that we had arrived and shot out to lunch! The cue down the hallway was approx five including us.  By the time I was seen the hallway was chocka... The lady beside me commented on taking the mickey about island time.  We then compared booking times and it seemed all patience had a 1pm appointment.  When we did get in we moved pretty quickly but we have to be back up there at opening time for both George and Milly needing 'focus' tests.  From this test it should let us know whether she is in need of an operation!  Poor lady-girl with her wonky eye!

"There is Nothing wrong with my eyes!"
It is all the small things that add up making a working mum's day that much harder!  I can only hope with Friday 13th (and George's third birthday) coming up it can only get better!

Much love xox

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