Sunday, May 29, 2011

Yes Dear...

Friday night was 'I don't want my husband home night' (boys night out).  Which left husband feeling a little worse for wear on Saturday morning and minus his funny bone. It was the later reason that lead to me having to tell husband off as we walked to the markets.  I had told him a very funny "nene made" joke.  Which if you know my made up humour it leaves your sides aching! Anyway he looked at me with a blank expression and said "I don't get it..." So I explained and even went to the trouble to re-work the joke for him, he then stated, "It's not funny!"  
Well, I had to let forth the wrath of wife...
    "Don't you know that marriage is pretending...; Pretending I am funny, pretending to be disgusted at my farts, pretending my arse doesn't look fat in those one size to small jeans, pretending you are listening to me talking about 'The Jones', pretending you are not scared when I drive, pretend, pretend, pretend.  It is indeed an art to marriage, to be able to pretend so well!"

Husband wrapped me in his arms and sweetly answered "Yes dear".  Aaaaahhhh we were back on track... He was back to pretending!

Note: The Jone's mentioned are generic 'Jones' and are no way related to any Jones' I may know and have taken to hiding in their bushes.

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