Friday, May 6, 2011

Dancing, celebrations and triathlons...

Last night saw us dinning at Crown Beach Resort for their Island Night, if you ever visit this is a must to do.  The dancing is fantastic! There is something for all, bare chested boys and coconut bikini clad ladies. Oh and fire dancing for those not interested in the either of those... But how could you not the boys are buff and can really shake a tail feather! I know that husband reads this but it is okay: he was enjoying the ladies just as much!  

Island ladies shakin and shimmerin!

The part of the evening where they get us white folk up and embarass us. Trying to teach us island dancing and all I could think was; 'not me, not me, not me, pphhhhew!' I could not imagine me up on stage trying to shake like them... They are simply amazing!

Mum, Dad and Brendon enjoying a pre dinner drink at Crown Beach Resort
Boys Dancing!
Fire Dances...
Oh and the food is quite lovely too! With many island treats to sample; octopus, iki mata, and taro are just the tip of the ice-berg... 

Also tried this week was Alberto's Steak restaurant, a joint celebration of George and Husbands up coming birthday's. One must not be put off my the decor... The food is 70's style menu; Shrimp cocktail, pavlova and Spag Bol are all right there on the menu.  But the steaks; which we have not had since leaving New Zealand due, were melt in the mouth delicious. We did have to rap it up early as George who was very well behaved during dinner starting singing his version of 'happy birttday' very loudly! One to many 'mini-ades' (a small lemonade)!
Trying to get George to show us his gifts as he was opening them... very hard task! ...
Not so for Husband! Bloody gnomes!

I am incredibly nervous as tomorrow is the round Raro International Triathlon.  I am doing the 41.5km bike ride, the people that have turned up on the island with their bikes look like true professionals! At least I will be able to work towards bettering myself next year... ah already thinking forward to next year hhhmmmm...
A little something I will be doing this coming Sunday.... Its a  had life!

Much Love xox

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  1. I must say I did try the curried octopus - interesting...! So that's sea-grapes and octopus in one week!
    The dancing was indeed awesome - talk about shakin' your tail feather!