Wednesday, March 23, 2011

"All the single Ladies, better put a medal on it!"

As you may know I competed in a triathalon on the weekend where I was the swimmer in a team of three.  It was a 400m swim, 16km cycle, and 4 km run - don't tell me I got the easy leg!  One woman can't swim and the other is so not as good as me so it was down to me to get the team off to a good start.  And 18th was ok in a field of 40odd (I think).  Anyway, long story short - our team won the team competition and came 12th overall - Yay us!  One of the photos was from the local newspaper - I am now quite the star and in demand for public appearances!

Here's some photos of the event...and here's what a winner looks like!

Tuesday, March 22, 2011

The Great Escape...

Daily my wee lad manages to squeeze out of some hole in the fence or simply out an unlocked door comes to visit me in my little classroom.  He strolls in with a 'hey mum mum'. Well today I am sitting in the staffroom when I hear my boss laugh and turn to me... There is my George out the unlocked door with 20 odd kids following close behind.  Teachers are taking up the back end of the line trying to round up all the kids again!  George had lead his class mates out to visit his mum.  I sunk down in my chair until the coast was clear!  I did hear all about it when I went to pick him up after school, oops... You just have to love the little guys leadership skills though.

Monday, March 21, 2011

10 Guitars, 13th Place and a bottle of Bubbles…

Our weekend started with a wonderful get BBQ get together at the home of my new boss.  I am still getting use to ‘island time’ as the invitation was extended from 5.30pm onwards and as we were running late we arrived just after 6pm.  I thought we were late… we were the first to arrive!  Soon after us the other papa ‘a staff followed.  Around 7 o’clock the local ladies arrived and so did the guitars, ukuleles and a few improvised musical instruments.  The first song of the night was a beautiful rendition of 10 guitars.  I believe my husband has fallen head over heels for the ladies singing and playing abilities!  These ladies CAN sing!  It was a lively and fun evening and there was quite the spread put on too with lots of local fruit and vege on offer.  Husband also choose the right person to sit next to as I heard him and an older lady that I work with conversing about the Black Caps and their current playing abilities, something he doesn’t get at home! (YAWN… Ha-ha). 

We did have to put an early finish on the night due to my need to be spritely for my Saturday triathlon.  This time I was the swimmer in a team, competing in a race just for women.  It didn’t help that poor Milly had a sore tummy and I spent a lot of the night up with her so I felt the tiredness after my race.  I did have a laugh on Saturday morning I received a phone call from the ‘team captain’ to see if I was ready and rearing to go and to let me know that she had packed a bottle of bubbles for the end of the race!  Out of approximately 45 women I came out of the water 18th which is not a bad place with no training.  Overall we came 13th and we were the first team over the line! The ‘bubbles’ came in handy to celebrate not only finishing but also winning a prize to boot! 

We have seen a bit of rain and thunderstorms this weekend making it quite refreshing with a bit of cooler air.  The wind was up a bit on Saturday for my swim making it hard on the leg in as I ended up drinking a lot of seawater.  I have been told it will start to cool down in the afternoons soon, which will be much appreciated.  Due to the heat inside the house we went visiting garage sales to find a couch for the veranda.  My thought is to have comfy outdoor seating for basking in the afternoon heat.  Sadly all we found were a lot of clothes and a motorcycle helmet that George really wanted.

An hour before my race started on Saturday I was changing Milly, she had been bitten by mozzies on her little bottom.  Because the nappy rubs the poor little thing had blisters that had almost taken over one cheek.  Husband had to rush her up to the hospital.  It was the same reaction George had had the week before so more antibiotics and the need to go nappy-free to dry it all out.  It seems to be a common reaction and quite bad with many children having the same blisters appearing after being bitten.  The same advice was dispensed “keep the mozzies away from her”… ??? We take precautions with body spray, coils are always burning when we are home and so is the citronella oil in the oil burner.  I have no idea what more can be done other then to sit 24/7 fanning them off the children!!??  Can you imagine…

Much love xox

Friday, March 18, 2011

Oh to be a fly on my wall...

Last night there was arms and legs flying, squeals, running and jumping! No it wasn't from the little ones, it was me after I decided a cockroach of epic proportions needed to be rid off!  Why is it that every gross insect has been mutated into a 'super' sized house invader?  This roach was huge!  And I understand that I have said in the past that there have been large insects but they seem to find there way into our house far to often for my liking.  I first saw the offender above Joshies door, I readied myself with a can of fly spray.  Josh came out armed with a NERF gun.... Josh shot once missing and I let out a little spray.  Just as husband was voicing his disapproval of the Nerf gun Josh let fire on a second round hitting the bug into a frenzied flight.  I leaped, screaming almost running into Brendon down as the mammoth sized flying bug came at me.  It took a good five minutes and three of us to manage to run the bug out of 'our' town but not before it terrorized us in the bathroom.  I had a good idea of giving the bug a 'scarifice', you know like the Romans used to do for their gods.  I tried pushing Josh into the bathroom so as I could shut the door, Josh wasn't so keen and resisted my idea so it is fortunate that the devil bug made it's exit as we were "disputing" my good idea. Brendon swept it out the door and on its way... What a Super Container Hero he is.

Don't hold it against me using spray if you are heading to bed and you see a mutant sized insect you to would not be able to rest peacefully knowing it is out roaming your house... somewhere!

One does question husband again as to where he has decided it would be a good idea to live ???

Much love to all wish me well, second triathlon tomorrow this time I'm only doing the swim.

Wednesday, March 16, 2011

If I hear those words uttered again it will be toooooo soon.  If you think you have a shit job then maybe you could try mine....
  You know the soiled clothes in the plastic bag are going to be bad, they are going to be doubly bad when something in that bag is wrapped in paper!  Oh yes sir-re GREEN STICKY STINKY SHIT drying out in the undies, I questioned myself as to just throw them out... no they are the Chugington train undies, a favourite.  Not a fun task but one needing to be done, count yourselves lucky!  The heat here is so hot it is drying and crusting the poo, potting training is not the most fun part of parent hood.
   Now go back to your day knowing someone has had a shittier day then you!

I know that is not a topic of conversation for the dinner table but it is one that needed to be vented.  With a almost three year old that seems to have regressed in his training I am very fustrated... I do however understand that this is normal and it is a 'stage' we have to get through.  It does seem life is full of these stages we have to get through!

Ah but I do have to laugh becase as I am typing this Milly is sitting at my feet reading.  Her choice of book however is "Farts" and it is one that makes the nosies describing the verious types of farts and she absolutly loves this book!

Today Joshua celebrates his 13th birthday which is very exciting, a teenager!  He was very spoilt with gifts from nan and grandad and uncle Shane and Marilyn.  Now it is the decission as to what to do for birthday dinner... I had better get cracking!?

Much love to all xox

Friday, March 11, 2011

Is Dora the Great Explorer?

Yet another blow to the Pacific Rim!  So many natural disasters at this time so many shed tears. I wish all in Japan facing such hardship at this time love and courage to help you through Mother Nature’s latest hideous hissy fit… xox.

We were woken last night at 11pm, by a phone call from my brother-in-law asking if we were ok?  As we had gone to bed early we had no idea the world had been plagued by yet another earthquake and deadly tsunami.  And just as unwittingly did we know that we too had a tsunami warning for here in Rarotonga!  It was not until I got to school and was asked, if I had had a bad sleep too?  The warning was for 6.30am that morning and it was by then 7.45am.  By the sounds of it many families chose to stay at home as the class was a little empty today.

As it was my first day with teaching a year 5/6 class I would like to think it was the tsunami warning that kept the children at home and not ME!!! (he he).  The age group was lovely, and you forget after having New Entrants the abilities of older children.  I had to laugh when one boy answered the question…
Who is the great explorer who died in the Hawaiian Islands?  Their clue was he had visited New Zealand twice before his death. 
ANSWER: Dora (the explorer). 
How on earth can you not laugh aloud at such quick wit?  Sadly he missed the mark on that question, as Dora I will have you know is alive and happy living in cartoon land.  Sadly the same could not be said of poor Captain James Cook. 

George has had his first week in the Kindergarten next to the school I am teaching at and he came by and visited a couple of times.  It was quite lovely to hear “hey mum mum” as he entered my door.  Sadly the kindy teachers had no idea he had ‘escaped’ and come to visit me!  Milly loves her new caregiver too, which makes dropping her off much easier, as she has big smiles for the lady and other children.  Josh has mentioned to us how much he likes Raro and has even asked if he can stay living here when husbands contract runs out??!  He likes the fact there is no ‘competition’ with clothes, shoes and other material items.  Everyone is just friendly and it is easy going… Great to hear, as he was not so keen to move over here.

Over the past week my wonderful husband showed me ‘more’ of his strong manly side… We were about to go to bed when he noticed a gecko inside the mosquito net that surrounds our bed.  Well, he jumped up and out of bed and stood quivering in a corner until I managed to extract it from the net!  I tell you there he was knee knocking, teeth chattering, nail biting, and full of fear in the corner!  Husband has an unearthly dislike to the way geckos crawl.  The funniest bit was once the gecko was out the window safe and sound, running a piece of paper up husbands leg and watching him jump! Don’t ask husband the size of the gecko either, he would lead you to believe it was 20cms and it was only half that!  you have to love all the wonderful critters that live along side us! 

Last Saturday as we swam by one of the big resorts we were lucky enough to see a wedding ceremony begin.  The bride was brought in on a vaka, two buff island men pulling it along in the shallows.  The groom and wedding party were on he beach waiting… Beautiful weather for it and it looked lovely.  Later on in the week I found out the rugby that is normally played on a Saturday was to be played out throughout the week due to the ‘club’ being hired out for a wedding.  I had a wee chuckle over this. Foreigners come over here and to other Pacific Islands for the beautiful settings to get married (myself and husband included) and the people who live here, just like at home, hire out the local sports club for their wedding do’s. Nothing like a casual family wedding!

Well I sign off with a pray to all those continuing to pick up the pieces in Christchurch and those who are only just beginning the same journey in Japan.  Be well, stay safe, much love to all xox.

Saturday, March 5, 2011

Attack of the BIGGER ninja gecko...

Well as George would say, “oh dear lord”! The beginning of the week I was attacked by an even BIGGER ninja gecko! As I was moving the pram that had been sitting out on the veranda I felt something crawl across my hand, looking down it took a while to connect eyes and brain as to what was sitting on my hand.  Then, not the first of many un-lady like screams was released!  I shook my hand and the bloody thing flew across the room about 3 meters, hitting the wall with a thud.  ‘Super Saver Container Man’ came running to see what the commotion was; I almost jumped into his arms…  Don’t worry I did not kill the monster gecko; it was perched happily on Georgies pillow looking up at me with his beady eyes.  Which of course George loved and wanted to have a hold!  The gecko was not up for hugs and quickly scurried up the wall and now lives in a corner of the kid’s room it pops out each night, I am sure just to taunt me.

I have completed my first week of work here and it has been a great start. The children are lovely and I have a room with a view!  On Friday was the school picnic that had been canceled since the beginning of school due to poor weather.  I turned up to work at the usual time 7.45am for an 8am start, thinking it would be like any other school trip where you then ferry the kids to the park by bus or car… I was wrong and the principal was very apologetic; it was a 9am kick off and the kids make their own way to the park with their parents!  I was meant to have been informed and given a newsletter, never mind!  I am learning the more casual approach to life, although many of you who know me will understand how hard that is for me!

The kids have finished their first week at their new day care and it will be their last!  George we decided needed to go to a more kindy based unit and then on Friday we were told they were closing the care down.  As we had heard there was unpaid workers this was not much of a surprise just a bother to get Missy into a new place by Monday!  Husband came to the rescue and all is sorted thank goodness!

On Friday night husband and I went to the Ministry of Educations quiz night.  It was an event where all teams played for a school.  As we were playing under the MOE our team played for a school out on an island 1000km away.  At round nine we were first equal with another team, sadly we slipped and at round ten we had to have a tiebreaker for second and third places.  If we had of known Scary Spices daughters name we may have got second place, but as it is not Pepper we ended the night third.  Still our prize will benefit one of the schools on Manihiki Island. The bonus was extra funds collected were donated to the Christchurch Earthquake fund!

Talking of the Chch Earthquake as I drove to work on Friday many scooter drivers were wearing Canterbury’s red and black colours.  It was great to see Rarotonga getting behind New Zealand and supporting Christchurch.

Poor old George has been eaten alive again this week and he does not react well to bites at all.  He has welts all up his back.  Milly is not much better to be honest she has had a bad reaction this week too and if we listened to all the advice we would have children covered in; plant goo, Vicks, insect spray twice, eating bananas, and a number of other thoughts and ideas.

In our household I do all the cooking, understandable if you have ever had to partake in husbands cooking.  (I believe Dave and Scott have had the pleasure!)
 No it is more the fact that I am a control freak; I can hear all those heads nodding in agreement as you read this!  Anyway, husband went out to the hardware store for a puncture repair kit and came back with elasticated food covers.  Not the first time since we have been here that he has purchased kitchen accessories, he also bought food umbrellas!  It is not the fact that he buys these items; it is the contented happiness he expresses after such purchases! Maybe sometime soon he may come back from the hardware store with those pearl earings... 

Well I must away I hope you are all well.  Much of love all xox