Monday, March 21, 2011

10 Guitars, 13th Place and a bottle of Bubbles…

Our weekend started with a wonderful get BBQ get together at the home of my new boss.  I am still getting use to ‘island time’ as the invitation was extended from 5.30pm onwards and as we were running late we arrived just after 6pm.  I thought we were late… we were the first to arrive!  Soon after us the other papa ‘a staff followed.  Around 7 o’clock the local ladies arrived and so did the guitars, ukuleles and a few improvised musical instruments.  The first song of the night was a beautiful rendition of 10 guitars.  I believe my husband has fallen head over heels for the ladies singing and playing abilities!  These ladies CAN sing!  It was a lively and fun evening and there was quite the spread put on too with lots of local fruit and vege on offer.  Husband also choose the right person to sit next to as I heard him and an older lady that I work with conversing about the Black Caps and their current playing abilities, something he doesn’t get at home! (YAWN… Ha-ha). 

We did have to put an early finish on the night due to my need to be spritely for my Saturday triathlon.  This time I was the swimmer in a team, competing in a race just for women.  It didn’t help that poor Milly had a sore tummy and I spent a lot of the night up with her so I felt the tiredness after my race.  I did have a laugh on Saturday morning I received a phone call from the ‘team captain’ to see if I was ready and rearing to go and to let me know that she had packed a bottle of bubbles for the end of the race!  Out of approximately 45 women I came out of the water 18th which is not a bad place with no training.  Overall we came 13th and we were the first team over the line! The ‘bubbles’ came in handy to celebrate not only finishing but also winning a prize to boot! 

We have seen a bit of rain and thunderstorms this weekend making it quite refreshing with a bit of cooler air.  The wind was up a bit on Saturday for my swim making it hard on the leg in as I ended up drinking a lot of seawater.  I have been told it will start to cool down in the afternoons soon, which will be much appreciated.  Due to the heat inside the house we went visiting garage sales to find a couch for the veranda.  My thought is to have comfy outdoor seating for basking in the afternoon heat.  Sadly all we found were a lot of clothes and a motorcycle helmet that George really wanted.

An hour before my race started on Saturday I was changing Milly, she had been bitten by mozzies on her little bottom.  Because the nappy rubs the poor little thing had blisters that had almost taken over one cheek.  Husband had to rush her up to the hospital.  It was the same reaction George had had the week before so more antibiotics and the need to go nappy-free to dry it all out.  It seems to be a common reaction and quite bad with many children having the same blisters appearing after being bitten.  The same advice was dispensed “keep the mozzies away from her”… ??? We take precautions with body spray, coils are always burning when we are home and so is the citronella oil in the oil burner.  I have no idea what more can be done other then to sit 24/7 fanning them off the children!!??  Can you imagine…

Much love xox


  1. you were awesome in the swim my love! There's a great photo in todays paper of the team crossing the line together!

  2. do you have the photo to share with us all?