Saturday, March 5, 2011

Attack of the BIGGER ninja gecko...

Well as George would say, “oh dear lord”! The beginning of the week I was attacked by an even BIGGER ninja gecko! As I was moving the pram that had been sitting out on the veranda I felt something crawl across my hand, looking down it took a while to connect eyes and brain as to what was sitting on my hand.  Then, not the first of many un-lady like screams was released!  I shook my hand and the bloody thing flew across the room about 3 meters, hitting the wall with a thud.  ‘Super Saver Container Man’ came running to see what the commotion was; I almost jumped into his arms…  Don’t worry I did not kill the monster gecko; it was perched happily on Georgies pillow looking up at me with his beady eyes.  Which of course George loved and wanted to have a hold!  The gecko was not up for hugs and quickly scurried up the wall and now lives in a corner of the kid’s room it pops out each night, I am sure just to taunt me.

I have completed my first week of work here and it has been a great start. The children are lovely and I have a room with a view!  On Friday was the school picnic that had been canceled since the beginning of school due to poor weather.  I turned up to work at the usual time 7.45am for an 8am start, thinking it would be like any other school trip where you then ferry the kids to the park by bus or car… I was wrong and the principal was very apologetic; it was a 9am kick off and the kids make their own way to the park with their parents!  I was meant to have been informed and given a newsletter, never mind!  I am learning the more casual approach to life, although many of you who know me will understand how hard that is for me!

The kids have finished their first week at their new day care and it will be their last!  George we decided needed to go to a more kindy based unit and then on Friday we were told they were closing the care down.  As we had heard there was unpaid workers this was not much of a surprise just a bother to get Missy into a new place by Monday!  Husband came to the rescue and all is sorted thank goodness!

On Friday night husband and I went to the Ministry of Educations quiz night.  It was an event where all teams played for a school.  As we were playing under the MOE our team played for a school out on an island 1000km away.  At round nine we were first equal with another team, sadly we slipped and at round ten we had to have a tiebreaker for second and third places.  If we had of known Scary Spices daughters name we may have got second place, but as it is not Pepper we ended the night third.  Still our prize will benefit one of the schools on Manihiki Island. The bonus was extra funds collected were donated to the Christchurch Earthquake fund!

Talking of the Chch Earthquake as I drove to work on Friday many scooter drivers were wearing Canterbury’s red and black colours.  It was great to see Rarotonga getting behind New Zealand and supporting Christchurch.

Poor old George has been eaten alive again this week and he does not react well to bites at all.  He has welts all up his back.  Milly is not much better to be honest she has had a bad reaction this week too and if we listened to all the advice we would have children covered in; plant goo, Vicks, insect spray twice, eating bananas, and a number of other thoughts and ideas.

In our household I do all the cooking, understandable if you have ever had to partake in husbands cooking.  (I believe Dave and Scott have had the pleasure!)
 No it is more the fact that I am a control freak; I can hear all those heads nodding in agreement as you read this!  Anyway, husband went out to the hardware store for a puncture repair kit and came back with elasticated food covers.  Not the first time since we have been here that he has purchased kitchen accessories, he also bought food umbrellas!  It is not the fact that he buys these items; it is the contented happiness he expresses after such purchases! Maybe sometime soon he may come back from the hardware store with those pearl earings... 

Well I must away I hope you are all well.  Much of love all xox   


  1. Oh and the drama the last question of the night caused: What are the 'primary colours'? Who knew there was science primary colours!! My gosh there are two types of people in this world, those who say red, blue and yellow are the primary colours and those how try to explain to me how a telvision screen works with it red, blue and green! ... hehe Lost on someone like me! hehe

  2. it's all about specialisation! Why toil away at something, take twice as long, make twice the mess, taste half as good (that's being generous) and have the wife look over your shoulder while you're doing asking if she can help (which of course actually means "You're not doing it right"). I know my place and the kitchen ain't it! Mind you, I didn't hear her complain when I cooked burritos out of a box for our first date! Must have been love becasue she came back for more - no, not the food! BUT I am reading Gordon Ramsay's autobiography at the moment and my interest is heightened, at least till the end of the book! Now I must away and help Wife make sushi!