Wednesday, March 16, 2011

If I hear those words uttered again it will be toooooo soon.  If you think you have a shit job then maybe you could try mine....
  You know the soiled clothes in the plastic bag are going to be bad, they are going to be doubly bad when something in that bag is wrapped in paper!  Oh yes sir-re GREEN STICKY STINKY SHIT drying out in the undies, I questioned myself as to just throw them out... no they are the Chugington train undies, a favourite.  Not a fun task but one needing to be done, count yourselves lucky!  The heat here is so hot it is drying and crusting the poo, potting training is not the most fun part of parent hood.
   Now go back to your day knowing someone has had a shittier day then you!

I know that is not a topic of conversation for the dinner table but it is one that needed to be vented.  With a almost three year old that seems to have regressed in his training I am very fustrated... I do however understand that this is normal and it is a 'stage' we have to get through.  It does seem life is full of these stages we have to get through!

Ah but I do have to laugh becase as I am typing this Milly is sitting at my feet reading.  Her choice of book however is "Farts" and it is one that makes the nosies describing the verious types of farts and she absolutly loves this book!

Today Joshua celebrates his 13th birthday which is very exciting, a teenager!  He was very spoilt with gifts from nan and grandad and uncle Shane and Marilyn.  Now it is the decission as to what to do for birthday dinner... I had better get cracking!?

Much love to all xox


  1. so glad i am over that stage.
    just think you wont be doing that when he is 13

  2. I wish I wasn't doing it at all! Hopefully Milly is easier....