Friday, March 11, 2011

Is Dora the Great Explorer?

Yet another blow to the Pacific Rim!  So many natural disasters at this time so many shed tears. I wish all in Japan facing such hardship at this time love and courage to help you through Mother Nature’s latest hideous hissy fit… xox.

We were woken last night at 11pm, by a phone call from my brother-in-law asking if we were ok?  As we had gone to bed early we had no idea the world had been plagued by yet another earthquake and deadly tsunami.  And just as unwittingly did we know that we too had a tsunami warning for here in Rarotonga!  It was not until I got to school and was asked, if I had had a bad sleep too?  The warning was for 6.30am that morning and it was by then 7.45am.  By the sounds of it many families chose to stay at home as the class was a little empty today.

As it was my first day with teaching a year 5/6 class I would like to think it was the tsunami warning that kept the children at home and not ME!!! (he he).  The age group was lovely, and you forget after having New Entrants the abilities of older children.  I had to laugh when one boy answered the question…
Who is the great explorer who died in the Hawaiian Islands?  Their clue was he had visited New Zealand twice before his death. 
ANSWER: Dora (the explorer). 
How on earth can you not laugh aloud at such quick wit?  Sadly he missed the mark on that question, as Dora I will have you know is alive and happy living in cartoon land.  Sadly the same could not be said of poor Captain James Cook. 

George has had his first week in the Kindergarten next to the school I am teaching at and he came by and visited a couple of times.  It was quite lovely to hear “hey mum mum” as he entered my door.  Sadly the kindy teachers had no idea he had ‘escaped’ and come to visit me!  Milly loves her new caregiver too, which makes dropping her off much easier, as she has big smiles for the lady and other children.  Josh has mentioned to us how much he likes Raro and has even asked if he can stay living here when husbands contract runs out??!  He likes the fact there is no ‘competition’ with clothes, shoes and other material items.  Everyone is just friendly and it is easy going… Great to hear, as he was not so keen to move over here.

Over the past week my wonderful husband showed me ‘more’ of his strong manly side… We were about to go to bed when he noticed a gecko inside the mosquito net that surrounds our bed.  Well, he jumped up and out of bed and stood quivering in a corner until I managed to extract it from the net!  I tell you there he was knee knocking, teeth chattering, nail biting, and full of fear in the corner!  Husband has an unearthly dislike to the way geckos crawl.  The funniest bit was once the gecko was out the window safe and sound, running a piece of paper up husbands leg and watching him jump! Don’t ask husband the size of the gecko either, he would lead you to believe it was 20cms and it was only half that!  you have to love all the wonderful critters that live along side us! 

Last Saturday as we swam by one of the big resorts we were lucky enough to see a wedding ceremony begin.  The bride was brought in on a vaka, two buff island men pulling it along in the shallows.  The groom and wedding party were on he beach waiting… Beautiful weather for it and it looked lovely.  Later on in the week I found out the rugby that is normally played on a Saturday was to be played out throughout the week due to the ‘club’ being hired out for a wedding.  I had a wee chuckle over this. Foreigners come over here and to other Pacific Islands for the beautiful settings to get married (myself and husband included) and the people who live here, just like at home, hire out the local sports club for their wedding do’s. Nothing like a casual family wedding!

Well I sign off with a pray to all those continuing to pick up the pieces in Christchurch and those who are only just beginning the same journey in Japan.  Be well, stay safe, much love to all xox.


  1. I'm also praying for ChCh & very sad.....even sadder that your husbands fear of gecko's :-)

  2. I know he has a real dislike about them and yet thinks he has three years to touch one! I don't like his chances of growing a set any time soon!