Friday, March 18, 2011

Oh to be a fly on my wall...

Last night there was arms and legs flying, squeals, running and jumping! No it wasn't from the little ones, it was me after I decided a cockroach of epic proportions needed to be rid off!  Why is it that every gross insect has been mutated into a 'super' sized house invader?  This roach was huge!  And I understand that I have said in the past that there have been large insects but they seem to find there way into our house far to often for my liking.  I first saw the offender above Joshies door, I readied myself with a can of fly spray.  Josh came out armed with a NERF gun.... Josh shot once missing and I let out a little spray.  Just as husband was voicing his disapproval of the Nerf gun Josh let fire on a second round hitting the bug into a frenzied flight.  I leaped, screaming almost running into Brendon down as the mammoth sized flying bug came at me.  It took a good five minutes and three of us to manage to run the bug out of 'our' town but not before it terrorized us in the bathroom.  I had a good idea of giving the bug a 'scarifice', you know like the Romans used to do for their gods.  I tried pushing Josh into the bathroom so as I could shut the door, Josh wasn't so keen and resisted my idea so it is fortunate that the devil bug made it's exit as we were "disputing" my good idea. Brendon swept it out the door and on its way... What a Super Container Hero he is.

Don't hold it against me using spray if you are heading to bed and you see a mutant sized insect you to would not be able to rest peacefully knowing it is out roaming your house... somewhere!

One does question husband again as to where he has decided it would be a good idea to live ???

Much love to all wish me well, second triathlon tomorrow this time I'm only doing the swim.

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