Monday, December 5, 2011

Tourists say the darndest things...

We were having a swim at a local resort yesterday and this is the conversation I could not help but over hear...

Tourist Girl 1.  "We went for a scooter ride and got sunburnt, we went right round the island."

Tourist Girl 2.  "Oh we went round too!" *insert high pitched girlie squeal*

Tourist Girl 1.  "Oooh and we saw some cute as baby goats!" *insert high pitched girlie squeal*

Tourist Girl 2.  "Aaaw ooh, were they white?"

Tourist Girl 1.  "Yeap!" 

Tourist Girl 2.  "Oh mmmyyyyy God!  We saw the SAME ones!" *insert high pitched girlie squeal and a giggle* 

"Hey Dave did ya see that human on the scooter?"
"Nah, Rod they all look the same mate! Pass us some grass would ya"
Yes indeed, you can drive the whole 32 kilometers around Rarotonga and only see the VERY same baby goats! AMAZING!  So glad I was privy to that gem as it had me giggling for the afternoon.

Much love all xo

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