Wednesday, June 13, 2012

From the mouth of babes...

Currently, with great disgust from my husband I am teaching Milly to reply to the question of "how are you" with... "Physically and emotionally I am well, thank you". She is getting very good at saying the sentence but needs coaxing when asked as she is still replying with a simple, "good".  So tonight as husband walked away with raised eyebrows and a very loud exhale of breathe I continued the lesson. We managed till about the sixth time when she replied to my, "how are you Milly?" with... "Physically and emotionally you are unwell".  Hmmm from an almost three year old and she already knows her mother well!
Yesterday as I was taking the register in class one of my darling told me that I looked 'beautiful'. I replied "oh do I? Thank you". She quickly added 'yes you look just like a zebra'.  Slightly deflated I gave myself a metal note not to wear my black and white stripped cardie again!

This arvo someone really wanted to watch TV and as I said there where lots of chores to do off he went to help...

Much love all x

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