Wednesday, September 7, 2011

When enough is enough...

Okay so husband is currently away and has been for the last eight days.  He does not return to these shores for another seven days. Yah! Just over half way.  I in no way begrudge my better half of trips away and actually 'insist' that he take every opportunity that comes his way as you never know if the chance will come to you a second time.

What I have a problem with is that every time he does go away, life goes a little crazy! More then what is 'normal' for me.  It is NEVER plain sailing, run of the mill life. The last time was diabolical and this time has been no better.  So much so, I found myself laughing at myself in the shower this morning (and no not because seeing myself naked is funny...or maybe that too?!).  It is because for three nights in a row George has been up at crazy times 2am, 4.30am, for long periods of time.  Then last night I had gone to bed early and was woken at 11pm to Milly:  
Cough, cough, cough.... plaaaaar, mmuuuuummmmmm! Sob, sob...
Vomit everywhere! 
Taking her into the bathroom to clean her up, where she continued. So as a 'one man' show I needed to clean her, her bed and sheets and the bathroom.  Where do you start?

Eventually I had her in the bath washed and was cleaning the floor, until she decided sleep was what she wanted, not a great idea to try and sleep in the bath.  So by placing her in the recovery position (yes just redoing my First Aid) I then stripped the bed, remade, dressed and placed her back into bed! 
Sheets to wash out I started that horrible task of scrubbing carrots, always carrots!  And I heard that sound again, cough, cough, gag - plaaa! BUGGER!  So with two lots of bedding to do I whipped off her mattress from her cot, put it on the lounge floor with a towel and that is where she slept with me next to her on the couch! There was no way I was putting her into bed with me incase there was any more to come out!  Eventually sleep did come, around 1am after a few more trips to the bathroom, where she looked ever so cute clutching the toilet bowl poor little thing.

All is well!
The whole thing is made funnier because the previous Sunday the washing machine decided it would fill but do nothing after that but beep.  I am sincerely glad that whoever is deciding on throwing these things my way decided not to throw in 'the runs' too! 

Even funnier still is, Milly woke this morning right as rain!  For breakfast she ate four pieces of toast and half an apple! She sat happily telling her brother she had been sick and to leave her bowl* alone. As a bleary eyed mother stared into her empty tea cup thinking, 'enough is enough'!


*bowl used for just such vomiting occasions 

Much love all xox

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