Wednesday, September 21, 2011

To cut or not to Cut?

Well it would be a very dull week if there was not an explosive disagreement between Josh and myself...

This weeks topic is of all things, circumcision.  Yes that tiny little cut that many blokes have as babies or due to religious beliefs at thirteen.  From my very little understanding the latter seems to be common here in the Islands.  A teacher informed me that they have had a few boys off due to the 'operation'.  

When Josh was first born I asked the men of the family what there views were on the subject.  After some thought I opted against it.  I view the whole topic as 'each to their own' and wish that it could be that simple.  However this is not the case with Josh coming home and asking to have the procedure done...  My first reaction was "What the F***!"  Not verbalised to Josh of course.  But out of the blue I am slammed with this request!  The short answer I gave him was no then I went off to do some research to refresh myself with why I stand by my decision.

After a couple of days Josh came back to me again and once more asked to be circumcised.  This time he had done his own research and out trickled little 'nuggets' of gold...
"Circumcision makes your dick bigger!"
"You can get a man sized one sooner"
"Everyone has it done..."
"It won't hurt..."
If that is the reason boys at school believe they are having it done I think they are sadly being feed some ill truths.  Needless to say, even though I believe in the saying 'When in Rome...' I draw the line on what I think would be a cruel and unnecessary operation to put a boy through.  But I have had a bloody good laugh at the first comment and wonder if Dirk Diggler was circumcised...
"Circumcision makes your dick bigger!"
Much love all xo

Please note the views shared in this blogg are not  to offend and no judgement is made on the views of others xx 

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