Saturday, September 10, 2011


Snippets of a day and a life of George...

We were driving home this arvo and George had turned so his back was to me. I said to him ...
"You aren't picking your nose are you?"
"No!" He stops and looks up at me with an angelic look upon his face.
"Yuk, you didn't eat it did you!" I exclaimed.
"YES, it's food!" he replied.
I then had to ask him if I cook up snot for his dinner and the little bugger said YES!

Coming home with the shopping and a six pack of Heiniken, George discovered that the box makes a great mask!
Beer Boxed Eyes!

Bathing the kids I noticed poor Milly had yet anther set of teeth marks on her elbow.  I asked her if it was George, she said yes it was.  I then asked George if he had biten his sister.  He took her arm that I was showing him and he vervy thoughtfully "hhhmmmed" at it and said "yes, 'cause I have a thousands of teeth!"

George. 'Mum you have boobies'....
Me.       "Why yes I do!"
George. 'I have mimimbles'
Hhhhmmm need to work on that word nipples!

George found ten cents on my bedroom floor. "Four hundred and fours money" He said excitedly.  "I put it in my scooter!" (moneybox) It was money that had fallen out of my own money box that he had been sneeking into the previous week!

Not from my own house but it sounds like something that could be....
We have 3 toilets  in this house with hand basins plus a laundry  all equipped with hand soap and towels
So why does he persist in washing his hands in the kitchen sink and drying them on the tea towel!  EEEEERRRRRGGGGGHHHH
This time I didn't do the "look," accompanied with ranting, raving and pissed off wifely sighing.
I waited he went back to his  shed and filled the handbasin in his bathroom with the dirty dishes.
Am awaiting the reaction.

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  1. Ooops Heineken~ I should spell check as my husband tells me!

    Much love all xox