Saturday, August 20, 2011

Ruddy Kids...

Dear sweet 'chicken'...
George came in the house this arvo hands on hips and no pants on, sauntering after his father who was holding the little darlings pants and was quick stepping it to the bathroom.  I am sure the neighbours heard me groan; thinking he had a bout of the 'runs'.  How wrong was I! 
'George do you need to do poos?' I hear husband ask.
'Have you done poos?'
This is where I step in and ask the now obvious question...
'Did you do poos outside George?'
'George you are NOT a dog!'
My dear sweet boys reply to this was -
'No I know, I'm a chicken ... see broc -broc -broc a doodle doo'

He was marched back out to the area he 'chicken scratched' in and as we reached the tree he turned to me with his finger to his pursed lips and said,
'Sssssh!'  What did he think was going to happen, a giant s**t surprise!?

As I walked back to the house after cleaning up his mess I could hear Milly from her bed "George poo in the toilet!" At least the un-toilet trained one knows where to poo I guess.  Now, if only she would sleep as she is meant to!

As I sit down to my cuppa and a Bookface update Josh runs down the hall and face slams into the wall... he is not the smartest at the moment either!

Lord give me strength...

Much love xox

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