Wednesday, August 31, 2011


Husband has gone away for two and a half weeks for work up at Manihiki.  He sent me the following email on the first night...

hi my love!  Awesome experience to date.  Caught a barge to another island for a kaikai (another!) then on the way back in pitch black one of the engines conked out so we offloaded the kids in another boat and crawled home.  Talk about your slow boat to China!
Lots of great photos so far.
He had already had two previous kaikai's (large meals) when he arrived then had a third!  I hope he isn't the size of a small island when he returns!? haha

However I do hope he enjoys all that a small Pacific Island Paradise has to offer. 

Much love xox

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  1. don't worry, all that I eat is being sweated out the next day because of the heat! It is hot! Please keep am eye out for my blog on my return as I will detail my adventures!