Monday, August 1, 2011

Crazy is as crazy does...

Crazy is as crazy does...

So some would say I am crazy already and I may just have added to that thought...

Since moving here I have noticed the huge amount of rubbish that litters the roads.  It is quiet disheartening to see an island paradise treated so very poorly! At home we recycle as much as possible and we can use either of two fire pits to burn rubbish.  We only burn paper and green waste that can not be composted, but many burn a lot of  items that 'we' have over the years in NZ been informed as not only bad for the environment but for our own health too; plastics, polystyrene etc.  I have heard there is talk of restricting items burnt on these pits but I am unsure as to the full details of this or if it is simply a rumour.

Anyway back to 'the crazy', I have taken to making; purses, little bags for ipods, and sling bags.  To list just some of the selection.  Originally had been making these out of island material until...
'Bits and bobs' purse

Pencil case

Selection of 'Island' purses & pencil case

Shoulder purse
Coin purse
A friend lent me a book on how to make a wallet using plastic bags!  Well I tried the wallet and was not happy with the finished product.  So using the same concept but my original purse pattern (if you can call it a pattern as I don't actually use one).  I set about making recycled purses, these are a few that I have to date...

Selection of 'breakfast ceral' purses

My lovely assistant... Wearing the shoulder bag

Inside shoulder bag with pocket.

Inside purse with a card pocket
Do not be surprised if you receive one of these as a birthday or Christmas present. As due to regulations we are not allowed to sell at the markets and now have quite the supply.  But I get these crazy ideas and until I get them out of my system, I am restless!  Coupled with the fact that at times you do have to find things to keep you busy and out of the sun!

To be able to keep up with the ideas I have; as there is still more rumblings in my brain, I put a notice out to all the classrooms at school.  I now have a great source of bags coming in from the kids at school so as I can keep my 'crazy' artistic juices flowing!

Much love xox

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  1. My talented Wife, you forgot to tell readers about your "Purse World Tour...of NZ" from the 21st to 28th August! Viewing can be arranged! Oh, and thanks for the photo of me...!