Saturday, August 27, 2011

I love my husband...but

Winter in Gisborne...
I spoke to the family on Skyp today and it was lovely to see the three boys!  Josh shared with me that they had had nachos two nights in a row! I hate nachos and had mad a batch up and frozen it for them while I was away.  I also made a stew and a couple of other meals. All heat and eat stuff.  So I asked husband if he had bought sour cream to go with the nachos as I had been ill the week before heading away to Auckland and not restocked the fridge.  He said no and he then said "I think I used the wrong mince for them"....

Now, I know my husband very well and I love him dearly that is why I labeled all the containers for him and an example of my labelling goes something like this...
Nacho Mince
Remove from freezer (Pretty standard)
Heat, place on nacho chips, add sour cream.
Love wife

So as I watched him bite his lip and give me "I love you" eyes you do have to laugh out loud.  Even when I try to make it easy, I fail....

Look what I found... x
Hhahahahahahaha I love you dearly husband xox 

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