Saturday, August 27, 2011

New Zealand the land of the long white MALL...

Me and my girl...
 So I have been in Auckland for the last week.  We came over for Milly to be seen by Greenlane Hospital for her eyes and it is also Grandad's ninety third birthday.  I thought I could hit a few malls at the same time; seven I thought... I only managed four before I had filled my suitcase! And no it is not all for me.

Grandad turns 93!
Grandad put on a little shout at his village, there were lots of ladies!  
Grandad, mum and his LADIES!

The funny thing was we, the ladies were left and the men went and sat at a table that women are not welcome... Stone age !?

We celebrated with a lunch at ma and pa's on Saturday too...
A birthday lunch...
A birthday tale..."It was this big!"

My beautiful niece and sister-in-law Marilyn!

And yet again my little brother had me screaming and Milly had to save me... Bully!

Hot day in Auckland!
 Then it was time for some real fun...

Yep I am a dick!

A bit bored now! Ho Hum...
The week has not at all gone as I had planned but it has been fantastic catching up with family and friends.  
A big thank you to Christine too for your kind words too meant a lot.  xox

Much love all xox

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