Thursday, April 14, 2011

Who knew...

I have just been watching a documentary on 'renewable energy in the Pacific'. A chap from Raro has discovered you can run a normal diesel motor on coconut oil!  Who knew??? He runs a hydroponic garden and all his motors are fuel by coconut oil. He made comment of when he first used the oil people popped by to see what he was cooking, it smelt so lovely! What a great way to fuel your life living with an abundance of coconuts. Makes you think...

Mum and dad have booked their tickets, one week and one day, not that I'm  counting! I have been madly compiling lists of things that I would like them to bring over.  Pegs here are very pricey so have asked them to slip in a pack.  It is crazy to think in New Zealand you can purchase something so cheaply.  But because of the price of shipping it sends the purchasing price, up very high.  

Our lovely land-lord very kindly ploughed a patch of our back lawn on the weekend.  Now I am waiting for the weeds to dry out in the sun so I can start to get some vegetables growing!  I will need to rig up a fence to keep the chickens out... May need husband for that chore.  I am looking forward to seeing how things grow here!  A task to set about in the holidays I think. Tomorrow is the last day of term and the school is spending it at Muri Beach for a sailing regatta. What a way to spend the last day of school.  Sadly I do have to write a few more reports and do a bit of planning for next term.  

I am looking forward to doing some Island exploring in the holidays, it is a shame husband does not get school holidays.  We will just have to do a few family lunches together.  

As I type there is a gecko watching me from the roof, it neck is bent so far back that I am sure it is waiting... Biding it's time till it poo's on me again! I must say once more "thank goodness geckos are not the size of cows!" I am going to go... so not having another dropping land on me!

Much love to all xox

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