Saturday, April 23, 2011

Living the high life...

We moved here to Raro with the thought in mind that Josh would have the youthful freedom that seem to have gone by the wayside since our own youth.  To be able to leave the house after breakfast, teeth and hair un-brushed, and return only when dark has set in for the night.  For the best part of us being here that is how it has worked, although with a tight rein within the school term.  Brendon has just been down to 'E... Resort' to pick up Josh who had been invited to go to dinner with a family that had been over for the last week.  

This is the end of a week of being the fourth member of this family!  Josh came home earlier on in the week informing us he had spent the day 'poolside' with a boy Conner, his mum and his grandmother who where here for the school holidays.  The following day as Jill and I are catching up over a brew Josh comes in with young Conner in toe to ask if he can show the family where the waterfall is and be home later that evening.  At seven o'clock that night a friend rings to let us know she had seen Josh and three others walking on the main road.  They had been waiting for a bus that never came. Husband set out to find them as it is dark by this time and he dropped them back to the resort.  In return they invited Josh to go with them on the glass bottom boat the following day.  A very lucky young indeed because not only did he do the boat trip they also hired motorised bikes and went around the island.  They also feed him often too! He would leave home with me badgering him to have some toast and he'd head down there to have breakfast with them!  

He has had a thoroughly enjoyable week and is now absolutely exhausted.  Sadly they left this evening and Josh was upset at saying fair well to his new friends.  The reality of living in a place that is a holiday destination.  It amazes me that there are some very kind and generous people out there that are willing to welcome a stranger in to there lives and give him so much! He is a very lucky lad...  He is now crashed out, a tired, grumpyness that is bought on by loads of excitment and then the crash back to reality.  It only has to be for a couple of hours as Mum and Dad a due in any minute now and for two weeks he will be back up on his 'high' as he has his grandparents wrapped around his finger...!  

Much love xox


  1. glad he is having a good time! sounds like an ideal lifestyle.i have the school magazine here and it a credit to those who created it. is there anything you would like added into the packet when i send it?

  2. Brendon is looking forward to seeing it, sounds like you had a good weekend. Josh is loving it, but he has since lost his bike gggrrrrr. Can you send yourself over that would be good?? hehe We could have a cuppa and a catch up... xox If you private message me your account details and Brendon will pay you for the magazine/s. Hope you and the family are well. Miss you xox