Saturday, April 16, 2011

Janine V's Tua Man...

I had a bit of a moment today when I was leaving the Edgewater Resort.  I was busy watching for a lady who was deciding whether walking behind my car as I was reversing was a good idea.  I stopped to let her pass as I wanted to reverse into another driveway up a bit as the turning was quiet tight. The driveway that I reversed into went into a slight drop and next thing I know I was facing David Tua!  I figured it was a fair fight, me in my car against him!  His shoulders are as wide as our car, and he is fairly short!  I did contemplate a autograph for Josh but as I had nearly run the guy down I thought better of it.

This was not the first fight I had had today either.  As I was shaking out a sheet  a gecko jumped at me, again!  Only this time he didn't so much as jump as fall due to a little problem of being dead... I am not having much luck with geckos this week.

Today I decided to practice for my next triathlon.  I am the cyclist for a team in the up coming International triathlon.  As we a cycling the whole island I thought I had better get a base time.  Thirty two kilometers in two hours ten minutes on husbands bike. I am going to have to go out again tomorrow on mine to see if I can better the time on a smaller bike.  For a flat island there are a number of slight inclines and the number of dogs that came running at me was very scary.  The road is quite bumpy along the edges and many rental cars were well and truly exceding the speed limit. This becomes a problem as it was raining and the puddles splashing up was just gross.  All in all I definatly had a sense of achievment.  A sore butt tonight!

Much love all xox

6 Days count down!!

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