Friday, April 1, 2011

How is it possible? To have a cold in this heat!  George, Milly and myself are all full of the flu and the average temperature during the day is still up around the 30 degree mark. Yet we are snuffly and snuffly and unable to enjoy the hot weekend weather and missed out on swimming.

We celebrated last Friday with a Kia Orana day, dressed all in red, in support of the Red Cross and the help they are providing towards the Christchurch Earthquake.  For a small school of 106 pupils the donations were amazing, what a giving community we live in!  The assembly was held outside on the field over looking the vast Pacific Ocean. We marched in class by class, holding high the donations stuck onto large painted hibiscus flowers.  The kindy children were very cute as they stumbled innocently over with there donations that topped the individual classes. George was very excited to be allowed 'out' and so close to mum. But I was moved to be part of such a lovely occasion that was going to directly help those in need.

I am very grateful to a lovely teacher at school who keeps gifting me with passion fruit! When we left New Zealand they were $27 a kilo and now I am eating them for free!  The fruit selection is wonderful and relatively cheap. We went fruit hunting tonight as different people have mentioned we can help ourselves to their fruit trees. But due to directions of; on the back road next to the coconut tree near a blue sign... we couldn't find the trees!  So it is off to the markets to purchase our fruit tomorrow haha.

Much love to all xox

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