Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Just for laughs...

I was driving to work today and I saw a dude riding his scooter with a large chilly-bin (esky) resting on the handle bars. As he went over a bump the bin went up above his head and down again. I was amazed he stayed in a straight line! Then on the way home I was following yet another tourist with his shirt off and a bit of meat on his bones. Now if you add a shirtless heavy set man with a scooter and pot holes you end up with the giggles watching the movement of the flesh as it wobbles and jiggles along in front of you! ha ha 

George has a new favourite song by Train; Hey Soul Sister. Although his lyrics are 'your lipstick stinks...' oh dear at least he won't be kissing anyone too soon.

Things I have learnt lately:

When drinking with Phil and Jill don't make the mistake of saying 'South Africans' when you talk of the Africans language! 

When drinking with Phil and Jill don't make any mistakes as Phil is very quick witted... I am not after a couple!

It is not 'frost' it is 'dew' on the ground... Auckland V's Christchurch's perception of varying degrees of cold! And I can still not convince Rach that it snows here on my side of the island in the mornings...

The local add reminding people to relicence their cars is staged and filmed outside the main big Alcohol store...  hmmmm!

George knows where I keep the PVA glue in my classroom...

George can spread PVA glue far in 5 minutes!

Much love all xox


  1. Ummm I think it's 'South Afrikans' as in the language they speak my love, as in you said "Jill speaks South Afrikans" rather than Afrikans. That's why it was so funny. She is South African and speaks Afrikans...oh never mind, I'll draw you a picture when I get home!

  2. Well then you can understand why I need to be chaperoned every where I go!