Friday, April 1, 2011

1, Tu, 3, 4...

Over here the littlies get to call the kindy teachers 'Aunty' and then their given name.  At school I am known either as Auntie Janine or Mrs Fiebig depending on the age group I am teaching.  Today George and I were waiting in the car for husband.  We were passing the time with idle chit-chat.  He was playing with an arm band he had made at school and our conversation was as follows:

Me - "who helped to make his super hero band?"
George - "Auntie Tu"
Me - "you like Auntie Tu don't you?"
George - "Oh yes!"
Me - "Who is the other Aunties?"
George - "Auntie Four!"

Me - "hahahhahahahaha" - hysterical laughter!

How clever my little lad is, but I don't know where Aunties One and Three are!?

On the subject of wee George this week he has decreased his escapes from kindy to a minimum of four times a day.  This is progress! 

Much love to all xox

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