Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Rules, resorts, and resturants...

Husband and I spent a lovely night having dinner and drinks at the Edgewater Resort last Thursday night.  It was stunning to sit and watch the sun go down over the pristine view that we have become so attached to!  Friends that arrived at the same time as we did are renting a house at the Resort so George, Milly and I have a date at the swimming pool next week.  I know you are thinking 'why, they have a great big ocean on their back doorstep?' Well if one has ever tried taking my two babies to the beach by themselves would be aware of the liveliness of George.  Plus who could say no to a swimming pool and cocktails, non-alcoholic of course! 

Friday night I was invited out to the 'ladies dinner club' which meant husband cooked and I had a night out on the town.  It was lovely to be able to meet and chat to so many other expat ladies to share/hear stories of life on Rarotonga.  A night out on my own does mean I walked away with not only one extra task to under take but two... I am now the 'Ladies Dinner Club' e-mailer not a hard job unlike the second task, as the cyclist in a team in the up coming International Triathlon in two weeks. A mere 32 kilometer bike ride; that is one entire cycle around the island! eek I need to get out on the bike! I have to keep up with my big 'marathon running' brother, sadly my tri is not in Paris!  

I was privileged to be part of the senior class mural unveiling at the local fishing club today (11 April, 2011).  I had to have a bit of a laugh when the two junior classes turned up in one minivan.  The first child came out, then child after child piled out for what seemed forever.  Back home you would not be able to ever deliver 20-25 kids anywhere in a minivan like that and you would need safety report after safety report before you even the left school! Oh the differences we are experiencing... The older children walked down and many didn't wear shoes/jandels, a very big no-no for all New Zealand schools these days!  But someone pointed out 'they come to and from school barefooted so whats the difference'.  Not at all a lack of care just simple common sense I believe. 

The year seven and eight students have spent the last month painting a toilet block for the fishing club and it was finally unveiled to the rest of the school, parents and fishing club members today.  The children danced and drummed through the rain after informing the assembly about the tales that inspired their painted art.  

Before the assembly started a fishing boat came in and a number of people helped to process the fishing net.  Unhooking fish and untying knots, they moved methodically and with such ease.  It made for a great teachable moment for the younger children while the older ones set up the assembly.   

I am looking forward to the holidays in a week.  Megan arrives in a week, play date and coffee and then Ma and Pa are heading over!  Count down has begun... 12 Days! Exciting... 

Much love xox


  1. It sounds like my wife is fast becoming quite the socialite!

    Reminds me of my own pool story when I was a lad. My family had just moved to Fiji and we were staying in a hotel. I was two. I was on one side of the pool, Mum & Dad were on the other, no doubt supping back margaritas or pina coladas (Parenting 101 back in those days). I noticed them and ran straight towards them not realising a pool seperated us. I sank like a stone until a big Fijian waiter dropped his tray of drinks and dived in and saved me! What a waste of good drinks I hear you say! Moral of the story wifey, get friendly with the waiters!

  2. Haha I can just imagine you as a little falla waddling into a pool! I shall keep that advice in mind...