Saturday, February 5, 2011

Ah the joys....

Ah as another working week draws to a close I have one child asleep, truck in one hand and a car in the other.  While the other sleeps holding his Willy!  It has been a wet week, there was two days where just getting out of the house was tricky but a necessity to prevent ‘crazy mum’ disease. 

I don’t know if I have mentioned before the funny sights that you would just not see at home and if you did they would bound to be stopped by police.  The first was a young fellow riding pillion on the back of what could have been his dads bike, one arm holding on to ‘dad’ the other holding onto the golf bag being towed behind.  The next day a similar setting this time it was the lawn mower being towed.  It is amazing no helmets on bikes you just have to travel at the legal limit of 40ks, wearing a helmet or driving a car is 50ks.  Not that you would want to go that much faster anyway. 

I was watching the NZ TV1 news last night and waited to watch the last part where they kept announcing what sounded like an interesting story.  The ads ended and the Rugby Sevens game started!  “WTF” it seems to happen all the time, the week previous the ads finished and the second segment of the news was repeated!  It is very funny as you think you have the timing right for the news to start, which is the only TV we watch, and it has started half an hour earlier….   Also for humor value I have taken to reading all advertising and displays very closely.  In a café the other day there was an advertisement for ‘Friday nights, live music and live buffet’.  What, do you kill to eat? Haha

I went down to our local shop to buy something for dinner the other day and you do not have a set idea as to what it is you want because you will be very disappointed.  What was advertised outside was for fresh NZ vegetables, which sounds great, but at $9 for an iceberg lettuce not so affordable.  They do grow hydroponic lettuces here for a reasonable price so we don’t miss out there.  I do however miss tomatoes.  I have not been able to find any nice ones as yet.  Chicken is very common here and readily available frozen.

Tuesday saw the ladies with children who are not working get together and do a coffee morning.  It was a lovely chance to get the kids out and about to run around and play with other kids.  One mother did mention that my children are the ‘liveliest’ that is a slightly kinder description as to what she said.  The funny thing was that we all left something behind on the mass exodus to get children home to sleep we had to meet up again the next day to collect the forgot belongings.  This time at a coffee shop in town where many of the tourist off a cruise liner had come cover from the rain. 

The cruise liners are amazing to see anchored off the reef, as the port is unable to hold them.  The passengers are then ferried in to the waiting taxis and smaller markets set up dockside.  The size of these ships is quite breath taking when you see it in relation to the island!  Ah maybe one-day husband will take us on a cruise! (Hint hint if you are reading this).

A few things on my list to have either brought over are:
·      Dried apricots
·      Prunes
·      Coat hangers
·      More clothes!
·      Gum boots for me
·      Dry goods; kidney beans etc.
·      Body sprays

I did say to George that we will go to the library and he said ‘Sewa come’ breaks your heart…..  He misses you Sewa (and Ruby) xox.  George also decided he wanted to watch Spiderman with Rara (granddad).  Milly has moved with here her speech and is now mimicking all we say.  I have to be very carefully!  Josh had a wasp sting two days ago and now thinks his arms are different sizes!  He is soooo dramatic!

I applied for a teaching job this week so fingers crossed!

As the coconuts and mangoes fall for the trees, we have to watch our heads as we walk around the property I can say we have settled in well enough to our new home.  Much love to you all this one maybe a little muddled I am a little homesick…. Hugs to all xox

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  1. One day my love we shall cruise the Pacific! Did I tell you of the time we went on a cruise when I was a child? Dad sent Carl down to get some cigarettes from the vending machine - as you did in those days - but unfortunately the machine was broken so he used the money to go into the cinema to watch a movie. When he didn't return Mum and Dad thought he had fallen over board and they were about to stop the ship! Carl emerged from the cinema amidst chaos and mayhem totally oblivious! Sooooo let's wait till the kids are older perhaps!