Saturday, January 29, 2011


The last couple of days have been so very hot, yesterday saw us at the beach. The water was like a warm bath!  There had been no rain until today so it is a nice relief to have a cooler day.  

As we have no phone line as yet I am in town emailing leaving husband to the children.  Later today is lunch with the ladies that came over at the same time as we did.  This will be a nice chance to catch up and hear their adventures to date.

Answers to som of the questions I have recieved;

  • Yes New Zealand money here although there is Cook Island coins and notes, even a 3 dollar note.
  • The teachers all come and go on contracts from 1-3 years.  From what I understand if you are not good you have 8 weeks to improve or you are OUT.
  • Bread is $5 a loaf for basic white and wholemeal and I have taken to making some by hand to so as we don't have to buy to much
We are certainly having an adventure Milly and George are loving the swimming as is Josh.  Also Josh has joined in a rugby team, he went skateboarding and found some friends who invited him to stay and play. Practice is 4 nights a week for about 2-2 1/2 hours after school.  He seems to enjoy school and after one miss understanding of getting off the bus to early he is happy to now come home on the public bus.

Well I must away, blogg again soon much love xox

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  1. Sounds like Josh has found himself in the middle of an All Blacks training ground :-) So proud to hear Josh is settling in so quickly. It sounds like you are too... lunching with the ladies.