Friday, January 7, 2011

Wow the 3rd of January already... 13 days to go. Friends are sending in helpful, handy tips thick and fast. After hearing bread is expensive I am now wondering how I will pack a bread maker into my suit case without husband seeing, hmmmm?! Tonight after work a 'quick' trip to the mall to find gumboots turned into a shopping marathon... summer is not the season to be shopping for gummies. Lucky I have great perseverance when it comes to shopping for shoes.

I started this post and got distracted! Now 4 days later and we now have our tickets and a 'flying' out date! But as always it would not be my life if there was not a few  hiccups along the way. Josh had an audition for an add, if he gets it they film on the 17th and 18th of January.  We fly out on the 17th! Sort that one out when and if he wins a place. The second little catastrophe is the incorrect names on Josh's and my tickets. That will teach me for not paying for another passport in my married name!  There is a silver lining to all of this though, we leave on the 17th, our wedding anniversary and arrive on the 16th... TWO wedding anniversary gifts??? 

I have had a chance to research bread makers though and now just have to convince husband that I can fit one into the luggage we already have! All the unknowns are creeping in and disturbing sleep now; If I do buy a bread maker how much is yeast? Is it easy to come by? Clothes go into the suitcase, then come out again, as I watch the weather reports those same clothes go back into the suitcase!!! arrgggh! Tension is high and all are looking forward to the impending departure. 
The count down is currently broken down to: 

  • 2 days of work, 
  • 1 day at the zoo,
  • Fly to Sydney, 3 days there,
  • Fly back to Auckland,
  • Weekend here in Auckland before 'D' Day
10 Days to go!

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