Saturday, January 22, 2011

48 Hours in Rarotonga!

January 16, 2011
We landed and spent a nightmare two hours trying to get through customs and collecting our bags.  Standing and waiting I did manage to meet two other wives whose husbands are also starting work contracts here in the Cook Islands. 

We are staying in a two-bedroom unit that is not much to look at, but have the beach and a resort only a minute away.  Dinner was put on for all new staff and their families at another resort close by which was very nice but short due to the tiredness of children.  We retired to our accommodation and that is where the tides turned!

In bed I faced my husband and I whispered those famous three words… I hate you! It was whispered because Milly was between us and with temperature already sitting closer to 30 degrees it was made hotter due to having to share our bed.  It was the most horrid night I have had in a long time.  To top it off George fell out of bed and then joined us too! 

January 17, 2011
Today was the introductions and orientation for the ten new families working for the Ministry of Education.  There are three other mums of young children around similar ages to George and Milly.  It was lovely to discover they to had an equally challenging previous day and night. 

There has been a change of thought as to what I will die from.  As morbid as it is to talk about death, George and his desire to ride motorbikes will be what cause my heart to stop.  He spent a lot of time hanging around and looking at scooters during the introductions.  When a man came by and said he would take him for a ride.  Thinking it would be the distance of a meter max I said sure why not! Why not indeed, off they went George clasping on the mans back fingers barely reaching the middle of the mans waist.  Down and out of the car park and out onto the road my heart was beating faster, children where calling for their parents to look and then.... George started to wave.  All I heard from the balcony was many voices yelling, “George don’t wave, hold on!” It shall be a long time till I will be able to remove the memory of my son’s expression, a mixture of; fear, excitement and share delight. I am sure we are described as,  ‘…you know the couple, they are Georges’ parents’.

After the formalities, which is not that formal, lunch was provided before the wives and children were sent on their way to do the food shopping. Ha-ha it felt as if I had been sent back in time! Dismissed to allow the husband to work.  The grocery store was smaller but well stocked.  My biggest surprise was yoghurt, at $10.50 for a six pack and bread almost $5 for a loaf of white. Dinner was made easy as all I had to think of was how I was going to incorporate all the fresh tropical fruit; mangoes, papaya and star fruit salsa with Thai fish cakes YUM!  Although last night was rough we have had an easier night so far with the babies. Joshua has swum for a number of hours today, making full use of the resort next door and their pool!  With a beer in hand and milder night I am looking forward to tomorrow the search for our new house! xox

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