Saturday, January 29, 2011

Hospital rips

We had a busy end to the week with Georg off to hospital twice in as many days.  He had a bad reaction to a mozzi bite and ended up in big red welts all ovr his body. Then he though he could fly and as he yelled out 'watch me' allI saw was him nose diving into the side of the second bed!! eeh He is all ell and as we woke this morning looking out at coconut trees and vast green mountains all looks better in the light of day
much love to allxox


  1. Oh to be that brave. At least the hospital isn't that far ;-) I am guessing nothing is too far away :-P

  2. Oh Dan you make me laugh!!! I forgot the camera for the moving men... I will post photos as soon as we have internet at home as they don't seem to load at the telecom shop. xox