Saturday, January 22, 2011

“Finally a Silver Lining”

Friday 21 January 2011

Well after a hellish night of no sleep last night the day turned out to be great!  Josh went down a bought a paper and there was an add for a house and teaching positions.  We took a drive by the house, which again was terribly unsuitable so we headed to the Ministry to collect an application for the advertised jobs and we were told of another house that we could look at.  As it turns out we had heard of the property two days before but another couple had snapped it up. The way things work here is bazar, the house was on for $220 and the owners then put it up to $300 so the couple had had to pull out of the rent deal.  All this was good news for us as we looked over the property and signed up!  We move in on Monday, yeah! Husband is back in the good books and tensions have eased. 

Today was a big shopping day: sim cards and a new cell phone for me, and a scooter for Brendon.  The scooter is an old island hire bike and they sell them on for $500 it is nothing fancy as the salt air corrodes vehicles so quickly.  I had my first ride on it today and I did not come off it like the couple Brendon saw while he was buying it. 

Josh and George both have new snorkel and mask sets and are enjoying the lagoon as much as possible.  Milly likes the water if she can wrap her arms tightly around your neck ha-ha. 

I must say I love the fruit choices, big sweet passion fruits $2.50 a bag, Mangoes, papaya and loads of star fruit, which we discovered, work as a laxative!  Shopping is funny as items in the ‘Pams’ range are readily available but they are not cheap.  I am glad I shopped up large and have a lot of stuff in our shipped goods.  The other thing I tried to do today was to use the Telecom Wi-Fi area and unfortunately it did not work so I was unable to put my written documents on to my blog but I am hoping to try again tomorrow.

So all in all the day ends well and on a much happier note! As I sit with a baby Gecko next to me on the couch and then off to explore the laptop bag I sign off from this entry.  Much love to all xox 

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  1. Wow that was a lot of catch up :-) T'was a great read and glad to hear things are going better now. Sounds like that ship had better hurry and turn up with all your stuff. looking forward to seeing the photo's.