Saturday, January 29, 2011

Moving Day

Monday 24th saw me move into the new house.  It is lovely to have more space and with room to move safely outside too.  The move meant I had to pack up the little shoebox car with our five huge suitcases, very funny to see as it was bursting at the seams.  Turning up to the house the owners were still there putting in a curtain rail for the shower and a new fan.  It was funny as the lady landowner was cross at her husband because he was meant to have done the jobs on the weekend.  Instead he had umpired a fill day’s game of cricket! Ha-ha poor lady I feel her pain.

Fifty odd cartons turned up around midday.  Three rippled island boys turned up, one driving the truck, two on the back holding on to boxes!  When they finished unloading one lad came by and said, “we’ll be back with the second load”.  I then let out a couple of choice words and the same lad turned to me and said, “yeah you falla’s have the most stuff”!  Oh dear….

I set to unpacking and by the time Brendon and Josh arrived home I had managed to empty a fair amount of boxes.  One box of food had to be carefully cleaned and most thrown away as tins had corroded from their sea travel.  Brendon cooked that night which if you know Brendon means takeaways.  As we sat down for our meal I asked how his first day of work was? The following is his reply,
“It was good, we had a meeting at a café and I had a coffee, I got
so hot I was sweating.  It was tough”.
Tough, tough! 103 cartons, 30 degree heat, five hours and two small children, unpacking and entertaining and he had a coffee and it was tough!  He is still getting paid out for that comment!

Where we are staying is on the back road of the village Arorangi.  We look up to the hills at the back of the house and onto a sports ground.  The garden has a number of fruit trees and the deck is fully fenced. We have no telephone of T.V yet but with all but six boxes unpacked it is slowly becoming home. 

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  1. Glad to hear you all have your own space again. Do you have any photos of the house? Maybe from when you were moving in? when your moving men where there?