Tuesday, February 8, 2011


There have been a few requests for our address so here it is as I gave it to the power company the other day:
Raemaru Lodge. 
·      Go along the main road until you get to Manea Foods in Arorangi.  
·      Turn left into the road that goes to Raemaru Park; follow this all the way to the end. 
·      Turn right onto the back road and take the first driveway on the right
·      It’s the grey brick house; can be seen from the park.
Funny thing was the man at the power company commented on the map I had drawn. The house I had drawn was laying in the wrong direction. There are no street names for all roads and no one has a letterbox so no numbering of houses.  So I guess our address is; Raemaru Lodge,  Arorangi, Rarotonga.  I don’t know how this would work??? Don’t post me any money…  I will in fact give a PO Box number via FB messages.

Well this week was much more successful in the bread making arena.   Last week I made bagels for the first time ever and although they tasted like the bought ones, they were flat! About 1.5 cm thick or thin may be the correct term! As soon as I put them in the water they deflated??? If anyone has any ideas…… send them this way.  My conclusion was the mixture was a little moist and/or they were not proved enough.  Anyway hamburger buns and a loaf of bread or now looking beautiful as they cool on the counter.  Bread, plain white is $4.70 and whole meal is $5.  Fresh milk is $14.95!  Glad I packed 33 liter’s of long life milk

Josh came home on Friday stating that next Tuesday was ‘bring a coconut to school day’.  Hehe I did have a chuckle to myself.  We are surrounded by coconuts as you could imagine so when I said to Josh “oh my gosh we don’t have any, what will you do?”  I laughed myself silly as he worked himself up into a tither.  He went on a rant, “what will I do we have to bring a brown coconut to school or we ….” Ha-ha as I am standing at a bunch of brown coconuts which line the driveway, his mouth dropped and a “oh” popped out of his mouth.  It took a couple of hours for him to speak to me again, oops.   Now he tells me it needs to be a husked one, I’m off to buy one!   Tuesday has come and it’s not a husked one at all that is needed; but it is my fault that the coconut is heavy in his bag!!! Teenagers!!??

Milly is a confident little speaker now but her most popular word is ‘fart’ which as a Fiebig is very funny.  She adds it to the end of many sentences such as, ‘baby sleeping – fart’ and then she chuckles to herself.  Such a lady, hubby may need to start saving for finishing school now.

Now I’m not afraid to embarrass myself with a wee ditty about myself so I shall share my shower tale.  You can continue too read it is nothing dirty, and there is no nudity to tell of so those of you who know me too well get your mind out of the gutter! Seven o’clock in our house is crazy time, dinner has been eaten and it is shower time and it was my turn to shower with the kids.  You have to be on your toes, as Milly will head on into the shower eager beaver, fully dressed.  Where as George, boots it, and heads for the hills GONE! So there I am trying to take the remaining clothes off Milly, the shower is running and I pull the curtains closed… ‘OMG WTF!’   All I hear is a hair raising scream, realizing it is me when husband comes running, George in tow.  On the shower rod is the biggest, blackest spider I have ever seen.  Never, ever do I run from a spider or climb on a table due to a mouse, but this ‘things’ shadow was bigger then me!  I’m not kidding it was huge and my scream was followed up with a few ‘French’ words and rapid-fire requests for husband to save me.  He then had the audacity to tell me to “ssshh” and he just had to get a container.  Here I am about to be eaten alive and he just has to get a container!  As if the ‘thing’ would fit into his poxy container…
Ha-ha so I had a girl moment but this thing was hideous.  Hubby saved the day he is now and will be forever known as ‘Super Saver Container MAN’, hear him roar!  xxx My Hero xxx

Sunday morning after church where we only lasted just over half a service due to babies being louder then the priest meant we were able to go to the beach earlier then planned.  As we are swimming in the shallows Josh let out his dramatic scream, honestly that boy needs a tiara.   ‘There’s a long black thing’ he starts to cry out.  He is prone to a few tricks so we never take him seriously, but he was so adamant there was a sea snake that had circled his feet.  The funny part came when he was pointing in the direction as to where the ‘snake’ was I ran my foot along his leg!  Ha-ha with screaming, arms waving and legs flying Josh made a dramatic exit from the sea! Ha-ha I am still holding my sides at the sight of him, my drama queen tough boy!

Did I happen to mention the outside shower of the rugby boys?  As our house backs onto a rugby ground we have a good view of the fields and the games, which is great on a wet Saturday.  The last game of the day is when you need your beer and a pair of sunglasses.  As the game finishes they all hose of outside, shirts off!  Yes, yes I know husband reads this and he has already told me I “should have been a bloke”.  But just like you boys who enjoy watching a bikini shoot like the one husband saw, there is nothing wrong with admiring the best part of a rugby game, the end showers!  You just don’t normally get to see that bit, imagine if you did… *The All Blacks, Dan Carter……….*  aaahhhh daydreaming he-he. Bring your sunnies when you come Dan!

As I lay writing this piece there is geckos calling, they sound like birds.  Which is what thought was chirping at night when we first arrived, some sort of nocturnal bird?  Gosh were we wrong.  There are about 20 geckos on the roof of the porch each night and two or three seem to make their way into the house over the coarse of the evening.  A smaller one seems to have made our room his nightly base as he is always sitting up in the same place each night.  Or maybe he has taken a fancy to….  ‘Super Saver Container MAN!’

Have a laugh, much love all xox


  1. So no photo of the huge spider? How can we trust your story is accurate?

  2. I can confirm it was a BIG one as I had to get rid of it! I kept reminding myself the blurb we had been told before coming here - "There are no poisonous animals on Rarotonga"