Friday, February 25, 2011

A somber week...

Wow what a week, the sadness of what has happened to Christchurch has stricken all the expats that joined me for coffee group yesterday.  Fortunately one lady within our group, who happens to be from Christchurch, found out her family and friends were all ‘physically’ unscathed. I am sure the ramifications of enduring such a destructive and horrendous disaster as Christchurch has suffered will take a long time to recover from and so my thoughts and prayers go out to all at this time.  We have watched daily coverage here as and when it goes on and it is saddening to see the images that I am sure people are dealing with in reality.  God bless xox

A lot of our TV viewing comes from Australia, although on Monday (our time) when the earthquake hit we received 3 News coverage from New Zealand.  Yesterday we had New Zealand TVNZ one news; today we have the Australian Breakfast crew.  The lady needs to listen to the people she is interviewing or being reported on.  There was a report on HNZS Canterbury supplying food and a lady was interviewed as to what had brought her down to the soup kitchen, I guess other then the dirty big earthquake that had just taken her home! The ladies response was ‘we have been offered food and a place to stay with friends, but they are: lactose, dairy, vegetarians, I need MEAT!’  The Australian news host then goes on to say; ‘well I guess an earthquake would lead you back to eating meat!’  *WTF* were you listening lady?  She was not the vegetarian… At least you look pretty love!  This was not her only oops through the news coverage and I eventually had to turn the TV off!  The lady the next day was not much better as she struggled to form sentences!

There was a write up in the paper the last week about what Members of Parliament should wear to work.  There was banter in cartoon form of different shaped parliamentarians wearing ill fitted suits.  The general consensus is a nice shirt (of flower design) and black dress pants.  Suits to be saved when visiting New Zealand on business.  Which is understandable due to the heat here, 30+ degrees you would be ruffled before getting to work!  After reading this interesting article I had to chuckle to myself as I drove into town I saw ‘the boys’ out peddling their religion.  Yes, yes it seems that there are doorknockers here too! And they, I am sure, dress better; in their shirts, ties and dress pants, then the parliamentarians.  Along with riding their bikes, as I mentioned the heat is well up their 30 degrees and above, these lads must simply ‘melt’ in the heat!  What it takes to get a good seat upstairs I suppose. (This comment is not intended as an insult to either parliamentarians or religious person or persons)  

Wednesday it seems, is rain day.  Every Wednesday since we have been here it has rained.  Today is particularly bad we are flooded at the back of the house and the Taro patch has risen almost to the top of the bank.  It does mean the day is much cooler then normal and it is nice to have some relief from the heat to be honest.  A day like this also allows for a ‘slump hump’ day.  George is sitting on the couch watching a movie, dressed in his undies and a pink hair clip in his hair!  The fashion here is very different and I am unsure it will reach the shores of New Zealand??!

Talking of fashion, my baby girl has a shoe fetish!  I have no idea (cough) where she would (cough, cough) get a passion for shoes! (cough, cough).  Some would say it is from me….  The issue is she gets up in the morning, shoes in hand and asks for them to be “on, on”.  After putting them on she may leave the same ones on all day or change 2-3 times throughout the day.  But now being the clever little thing that she is she has established you can skip the morning part of having to ask for shoes on, and wears them to bed!  Last night lady-girl went to bed wearing her best black shoes!  I know some of you out there are thinking ‘poo smelly feet’, but if you saw the drama that came with trying to remove those shoes you too would have caved! 

This week is National Language Week.  Josh came home on Monday needing a floral shirt, shorts, lay, coconut and fruit to take to school on Tuesday.  He was in quite a flap, declaring he simply would just stay home, as we had none of the requested items.  He hadn’t eve let me reply to his ‘hello’ after walking in the door.  After calming him down and understanding what he needed I went and bought a shirt and lay the shorts I figured were a non-plus item.  Thinking about the false lay I decided I should try to make a fresh one.  So after dinner Josh and I went on a flower raid.  We drove around looking for flowers in public areas that we could ‘borrow’.  The end product was not too bad and it smelt beautiful.  The little bugger gave it to Brendon on the way to school and left the false one at home, so you can imagine how that went down with me!

This week I have learnt:
·      Rice bubbles can spread very far
·      Husband can put your name forward for all sorts e.g. triathlons
·      I have to run in a triathlon tomorrow
·      Red ants hurt
·      12 year old can not keep a room clean
·      1 year old like to share showers, fully clothed!
·      1950’s cartoons are hilarious, some would be deemed racist these days
·      I won a job working with children needing extra reading and writing help and this has extended to a half-day release position too.
And lastly
·      Don’t take loved ones for granted, anything can happen!

As the week draws to a close and there is still much sadness with so many people still missing I do wish all strength and love.  I am amazed at the strength of the people in Canterbury.  From what we see on TV here the job Bob Parker is doing is outstanding.  If his leadership is truly what is being portrayed through the media he is to be commended.  To friends and family in the region suffering at this time I do wish you well and thoughts and prayers are with you.  If you are ever in a need of an island get away, free accommodation with us.
 Xox Much Love all.

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