Monday, February 21, 2011

A serious one

We spent Saturday morning at the markets buying fruit and vege; Melons, passion fruit, bananas and corn (not as good as the Gisborne stuff), taro leaves and fresh herbs.

Taro leaves have now been cooked off and husband was the guinea pig to taste test if there was any 'itch' that comes with not preparing them correctly.  First lot he said; 'no, no it's fine'.  He came back five minutes later complaining of an itchy throat... oops!  Second patch was better and he is still walking and talking okay.  A five dollar bunch cooks up to a fare amount, so the idea is to make cannelloni and lasagna. Also a couple of banana breads have also been made as we had so many frozen bananas!  

I decided to make Rukau (Taro leaves) and cream cheese cannelloni and a lasagna with rukau and mince.  What a crazy idea that was as I made the pasta from scratch and although the end product was divine the 30+ degree heat was hard going. There was no itchy throat so I managed to get the taro leaves right!

Husband is dropped Josh into town for a 'date' on Saturday, he-he cute!  He was asking Brendon to drop him a little way away from the 'meeting' place so as he wouldn't be embarrassed, of dear.  The rugby is on again at our field so looking forward to those showers!  The date lasted eight hours as the movie did not start until 6pm! The date started at 12.30pm... They went swimming with a group of friends first and eat their way through a combined $50! As long as he had fun....

A bit of an eek moment was a millipede that was in a shop today is was 10cm long and about 1cm thick! Wiggling and worming looking like it was dying.  Gross, what is it with husband moving me to places that have gross bugs!  Josh was also husking a coconut on Sunday arvo when another one of these gross bugs wiggled its way out of the husk.  The coconut went over the fence!

Our excitement for the week was to head down to the 'jet blast' area and watch the Sunday 4.15pm plane come in from New Zealand.  You stand on the side walk of the main road next to the sea wall and it is quite spectacular to watch this great big piece of machinery fly above your head as it comes in to land!  I am not a plane enthusiast at all but the force which is involved is mind blowing!

A bit of a book(s) review:
This week I am going to join the library as I am having to resort to reading some of Joshies books; Diary of the Wimpy kid series.  If you want a couple of good biographies to read both Micheal Caine and Gordan Ramsey's are very interesting.  Micheal Caine is very much 'dropping' in the names of people, but when you are a SIR and you know and are friends with the names he mentions I guess you can.  Gordan Ramsey's leaves you liking and understanding him more then what you did before you read it.  He comes from an interesting background and is another success story from a crappy father figure.  Another book I have finished is Ali Williams book of tall tales, which is written as I presume he would speak.  It is a bit of a laugh and a easy afternoon read.  With all his injuries I am surprised he was back out on the paddock last night helping to secure the win against the Crusaders.  Husband and I did have a bit of a wager going as to whether Williams' was going to last the first half??... (Surprisingly enough he did).  Another read is Amber, written by a New Zealand author and historian.  The books setting is based around the Waitangi signing, Hone Heke etc.  So it brings back some of the Social Study lessons in high school...

Well I do hope everyone is well, I have my interview today so fingers crossed with that.  I have written this over a period of a couple of days so I do hope it is not reading like a jumbled mess??!

Here is hoping we have a funnier week this week as this blog is a bit drier then normal, I am sorry for that! 

Much love to all

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